Early 20th Century
  1. All in Vain May Seem
  2. All My Trust I Place in Jesus
  3. Are You Busy in the Vineyard of Our Blessed Lord?
  4. Are You Living as Jesus Would Have You Live?
  5. Are You Ready for the Coming?
  6. Are You Ready for the Day?
  7. Are You Shining, Brightly Shining?
  8. Are You Striving to Be Ready?
  9. Are You Trusting, Fully?
  10. Are You Working Today?
  11. Arise and Sing unto the Lord
  12. Arise, Ye Saints, Extol the Name
  13. As a Christian Are You Growing Every Passing Hour?
  14. As Day by Day I Journey
  15. As I Journey Through the Shadows
  16. As I Onward Go, Through This World Below
  17. As I Think of God’s Great Mercy
  18. As I’m Gladly Marching Onward
  19. As This World We Journey Through
  20. As We Wend Our Way Along
  21. At the Ending of the Journey
  22. Attend, O Lord, unto My Cry
  23. Band of Little Children, A
  24. Banished Into Outer Darkness
  25. Be a Witness for the Master
  26. Be Thou Exalted, Blessed Lord
  27. Beautiful the Glowing Sunset
  28. Beautiful This World About Us
  29. Beautiful This World Around Me
  30. Beyond the Dark River Bright Mansions I See
  31. Beyond the Mists of Shadows Here
  32. Blest Is the Book and Sweet Is the Message
  33. Bring Today the Lovely Lilies
  34. Book, The
  35. Come, Let Us Praise the Holy One
  36. Come, Let Us Praise the Lord and All
  37. Come with Joy Before the Lord
  38. Come with Songs of Praise
  39. Daily Work for the Christ the Master
  40. Dark Is the Way, the Tempest
  41. Day and Night I Trust in Jesus
  42. Days Are Few That I on Earth May Roam, The
  43. Dear, Lovely June
  44. Dear Savior, as I Journey
  45. Dear Savior, Bless Our Sabbath School
  46. Do Not Let Your Heart Be Troubled
  47. Don’t You Think the Holy Angels Watch Around Us?
  48. Don’t You Want to Be a Worker?
  49. Draw Me Nearer, Blessed Jesus
  50. Earthly Days Are Going Fast
  51. Earthly Life Is Fleeting
  52. Earthly Life Will Soon Be Over
  53. Earthly Skies Are Ever Changing
  54. Earthly Things We Know Are
  55. Ere the Dew of Morn Has Vanished
  56. Eternal God and King
  57. Everywhere There’s Blessed Service
  58. Evil Forces Strong and Mighty
  59. Faith, with Glad and Piercing
  60. Far Above the Dark Shadows of Earth
  61. Far Beyond the Gleaming
  62. Far, Far Away Beyond These Changing Skies
  63. Far, Far from Jesus
  64. Farewell, Brother, I Must Leave You
  65. Father, Keep Me Ever Near Thee
  66. For a Voice to Earth
  67. Forth We Come with Tidings Wondrous
  68. From Friends So Dear How Oft We Part
  69. Get Right with God, O Wandering Soul
  70. Gladly Will I Offer Praises
  71. Grand Is the Work and Bright
  72. Great Deliverer Is the Lord, A
  73. Great Glad Day, The
  74. Guide Me, O My Precious Savior
  75. Happy Smiles and Sunny Faces
  76. Hear, O Hear the Gospel Story
  77. Heavens Declare Thy Glory, Lord, The
  78. How Blest Are They Who Serve the Lord
  79. How My Longing Heart Is Cheered
  80. How Sweet to Know That Safe Above
  81. How Sweet to Think, When Life Is Over
  82. I Am Happy in My Savior
  83. I Am Happy, O So Happy
  84. I Am Looking for a City with Foundations Sure
  85. I Belong to Christ, the Savior
  86. I Belong to the Lord
  87. I Could Not Live Without Him
  88. I Have Had My Smiles and Tears
  89. I Have Heard the Tender Pleading
  90. I Have Read in the Bible of a Home Over There
  91. I Have Strayed Afar from Home
  92. I Love to Sing of That Bright Home
  93. I Love to Think That Jesus
  94. I Want to Do the Savior’s Will
  95. I Was Lost in Sin and Doubt
  96. I Will Sing a Song of Gladness
  97. I Will Sing in Notes of Gladness
  98. I Will Sing the Love of Jesus
  99. If We’re Faithful to the Right
  100. I’m Now Rejoicing in the Peace
  101. I’m Seeking for a Country
  102. I’m Sweetly Dreaming of a Golden Morning
  103. I’m Thinking of a City
  104. In a Churchyard Stood
  105. In My Savior I Am Trusting
  106. In Myself I Had No Merit
  107. In That Bright Golden Morning
  108. In That Precious Book, the Bible
  109. In the Christian’s Home Above
  110. In the Garden of Affection
  111. In the Land of Fadeless Light
  112. In the Morning of Life When We Journey
  113. In the Promises of Jesus
  114. In the Rosy Morn of Childhood
  115. In the Service of the Savior
  116. In the Vineyard of the Master
  117. In This World We Have Our Battles
  118. I’ve Been Reading a Story
  119. I’ve Heard a Wondrous Story
  120. Jesus Is Our Blessed Savior
  121. Joy Is Smiling, Hope Is Singing
  122. June Once More Makes Us a Visit
  123. King of Glory Ever Lives, The
  124. Lead Me, Lead Me Precious Savior
  125. Let Us Come Before Our Father
  126. Let Us Come Today with a Sweet Accord
  127. Let Us Do Our Best, with a Smile
  128. Let Us Sing the Praise of Jesus
  129. Let Us Sing the Precious Love
  130. Life Has Many Mystic Problems
  131. Life Is Bright with Holy Beauty
  132. Life Is Full of Joy and Beauty
  133. Life’s a Thing of Wondrous Beauty
  134. Life’s Brief Day Is Almost Over
  135. Like a Golden Chain of Beauty
  136. Like the Sound of Soothing
  137. Little Child Can Brightly Shine, A
  138. Little Feet Were Made to Walk
  139. Little Flowers Turn Their Faces
  140. Looking for Help unto Christ Our Redeemer
  141. Magnify the Savior’s Name
  142. Many Souls Are Out of Jesus
  143. Many the Trials on Life’s Changing Way
  144. Memory with a Skillful Hand Paints
  145. Mid the Never Fading Flowers
  146. Mid the Stormy Scenes of Life
  147. ’Mid the Trials and Temptations
  148. Mine Eyes Hath Seen a Vision
  149. My Countrymen, How Sad to Think
  150. My Dearest Friend
  151. Never Turn Aside
  152. Not I, but Christ, Remember
  153. Now Through a Glass We Darkly See
  154. O a Crowning Day Is Coming
  155. O Be a Blessing Day by Day
  156. O Be Joyful and Sing Aloud
  157. O Be Joyful and Sing, Sing Aloud
  158. O Be Not Discouraged, Dear Pilgrim
  159. O Brother, as You Journey
  160. O Faithful Band of Soldiers Bold
  161. O Give Ye Thanks unto the Lord
  162. O God, Before Thy Righteous Throne
  163. O How Many Today Who Are Christians in Name
  164. O How Oft My Fancy Strays
  165. O How Precious Is the Promise
  166. O How Sweet to Think of Heaven
  167. O I Am So Glad That Jesus Hath Revealed
  168. O I Love to Sing of Jesus
  169. O Just to Think I Am One
  170. O My Brother, Are You Weary?
  171. O My Soul Is Filled with Rapture
  172. O Refuge of the Weary Soul
  173. O Say Ye Not the Christian Dies
  174. O Sometimes How Rough Seems the Road
  175. O Souls That Suffer
  176. O the Many Precious Blessings
  177. O the World Is Full of Sorrow
  178. O Watch Between Us
  179. O We Are Happy Soldiers
  180. O We Have No Time for Pining
  181. O Where Do You Flee?
  182. Oft I’m Thinking Fondly
  183. Oft We Read About the Mansions
  184. Often Times Heart Sick and Weary
  185. Often You Have Heard the Story
  186. On Life’s Ocean, Deep and Wide
  187. On One Side or on the Other
  188. Once Again the Blessed Springtime
  189. Once Again the Gospel Story
  190. Once Again You’ve Heard the Gospel
  191. Once More I’ve Heard the Gospel’s
  192. Once My Soul Has Bowed in Sorrow
  193. One Name Alone Is All My Plea
  194. Our Frames Must Grow Feeble
  195. Our Songs of Praise to Christ We Raise
  196. Out Beyond the Mystic Valley
  197. Peace, Be Still
  198. Praise Ye the Lord, O Serve Him with Gladness
  199. Praises Sing to Our Redeemer
  200. Rejoice, Be Glad in Christ, the Lord
  201. Rejoice, Ye Righteous, in the Lord
  202. Right Shall Conquer
  203. Ringing Down Through All the Ages
  204. Sad It Is to See the Youthful
  205. Scatter Peace and Light
  206. Search Thou My Heart, O Christ
  207. Seeking to Honor Our Blessed Redeemer
  208. Since I’ve Found the Blessed Savior
  209. Sing for Joy
  210. Sing, O My Soul, a Joyful Song
  211. Sing unto God All Ye His Saints
  212. Sing unto God, Ye Saints
  213. Singing a Song of Love and Light
  214. Sinner, Won’t You Come to Jesus?
  215. Somebody’s Boy Is Going Down
  216. Sometime I’ll Lay My Armor Down
  217. Sometime the Shadows Will Be Gone
  218. Sometime Will Set Life’s Golden Sun
  219. Sunday School’s the Place to Be, The
  220. Surrounded by Temptations
  221. Sweet Music Comes with Gentle Touch
  222. Take Me, Jesus, as I Am
  223. Tell Me Tonight of the Joys of Heaven
  224. Tell to Me the Story, Full of Tenderness
  225. Telling the Story, Glad and Sweet
  226. There Are Mansions Blest
  227. There Are Many Ways of Living
  228. There Comes to Me a Precious Thought
  229. There Is a Joyful Story
  230. There Is a Land, ’Tis Old
  231. There Is Music in Heaven o’er the Saved Ones
  232. There Is Pain and Death and Sorrow
  233. There Will Be a Blessed Time
  234. There Will Be a Day of Judgment
  235. There’s a Battle Ever Raging
  236. There’s a Beautiful Gate
  237. There’s a Blessed Home Above
  238. There’s a Blest Upper Fold
  239. There’s a Book So Sweet, So Precious
  240. There’s a Brighter World Than This
  241. There’s a City Grand, Eternal
  242. There’s a Heavenly Message
  243. There’s a Home Our Lord Hath Made
  244. There’s a Land of Light Sin Can Never Blight
  245. There’s a Loving Message Treasured in My Heart
  246. There’s a Message Sweet and Precious
  247. There’s a Precious Home in Heaven
  248. There’s a Question I Would Ask You
  249. There’s a Thought So Sweet, So Dear
  250. There’s a Truth That Brings Me Comfort
  251. There’s No Time for Idle Dreaming
  252. Though the Path of Life Be Drear
  253. Through My Soul Like Music Stealing
  254. ’Tis Ever New and Strange and Sweet
  255. ’Tis Not the Home Prepared Above
  256. ’Tis So Sweet to Know That Jesus
  257. ’Tis So Sweet to Work for Jesus
  258. ’Tis Sweet to Come with Songs of Praise
  259. ’Tis the Gentle Voice of Jesus
  260. To My Heart in Tones of Sweetness
  261. To My Soul with Soothing Cadence
  262. To One Fixed Thought My Spirit Holds
  263. To the Pilgrims, Worn
  264. To Thy Dear House, Our God, We Come
  265. Toiling on Mid Sore
  266. Trust in Jesus, Only Trust
  267. Try and Trust, the Words Are Small
  268. Turn to Jesus
  269. Very Sweet and Dear the Pleasures
  270. Visions of Beauty and Echoes
  271. Walking in the Sunshine
  272. Wandering Far from God and Heaven
  273. Waves of Sal­va­tion, The
  274. We Are Building, We Are Building
  275. We Are Happy in the Service of Our Savior
  276. We Are Marching, Marching Gladly
  277. We Are Pilgrims, We Are Soldiers
  278. We Bless Thy Holy Name
  279. We Have Many, Many Blessings
  280. We Shall Meet at the Beautiful Gate
  281. We Welcome You, Dear Friends
  282. We Would Hail the Happy Christmas
  283. Weakening Pulse, the Shortening Breath, The
  284. Welcome the Day Set Apart for the Children
  285. We’ll Meet in Heaven
  286. We’re Marching to a Blessed Land
  287. We’ve Enlisted, Now to the Christ We Bow
  288. What Are You Doing for Jesus?
  289. When Afflictions Oppress Us
  290. When in Sad and Measured Tone
  291. When My Work Down Here
  292. When the Curtains Are Drawn
  293. When the Morning Glows
  294. When the Nations of Earth Shall Be Called
  295. When the Storms of Life Are Raging
  296. When the Sun Is Shining Clear
  297. When We Lay Our Armor Down
  298. When We Reach the Glory of the Better Land
  299. While Within This World We Tarry
  300. Whosoever, O the Fullness
  301. Will There Be One Soul to Greet Me?
  302. With a Song of Love and Gladness
  303. With Happy Hearts, O God Our King
  304. With Weary Hearts and Burdened Souls
  305. Won’t You Come This Night to Jesus?
  306. Won’t You Love the Precious Savior?
  307. Work, Gladly Work for Christ
  308. Working, Working for the Master
  309. World’s Great Need Is Jesus, The
  310. Would You Know the Sweetest
  311. Yonder in the Blessed City
  312. You’ve a Home, My Dear One