January 18, 1828, Keene, New York.

March 10, 1907, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Hull was the son of Theron Hull and Fanny Way, and husband of Emma F. Atherton. As of 1895, he was a music publisher in New York City; his company was still operating as of 1910. His works include:

  1. Behold the Changing Autumn Leaves
  2. Beyond Life’s Raging Fever
  3. Blessed Bible, Book Divine
  4. Dear Savior, How Often My Heart Has Been Sad
  5. Down in the Garden of Gethsemane
  6. From Thy Royal Chambers Forth
  7. Gentle Breeze from Eden’s Land, A
  8. Good Night to All, We Soon Must Part
  9. I Fear Not the Gloom of Midnight
  10. I Think of the Fields So Far
  11. In the Battle of Life There Is Work to Do
  12. Let Down from Heaven Above
  13. Make the Lowly Mound
  14. My Soul with Rapture Waits for Thee
  15. Over the Billows, Over the Sea
  16. Pilgrims on the Burning Sand
  17. Praise the Lord
  18. Redeemed, Redeemed, O Precious Thought
  19. Rosebud Blossomed in My Bower, A
  20. Stand Up for Jesus, Christian, Stand!
  21. Star of the East, O Beautiful Star
  22. Summer Time Has Come Again
  23. There Is a Straight and Narrow Path
  24. There’s an Open Fount in Zion
  25. ’Twas Jesus, My Savior
  26. Unto the God of the Seasons
  27. Walk in the Light the Lord Hath Given
  28. We Are Waiting by the River
  29. We Are Zion’s Cadets
  30. We Shall Meet in That Beautiful Land
  31. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!
  32. Wonderful Star, The
  33. Ye Soldiers of the Cross
  1. All for Jesus
  2. Along the Path of Life
  3. Asher
  4. Balboa Park
  5. Boxelder
  6. Can Jesus See and Hear?
  7. Child of Bethlehem, The
  8. Christ Our Intercessor
  9. Christ’s Natal Day
  10. Come Up Hither
  11. Earnest Toilers
  12. Echoed Song, The
  13. Gethsemane
  14. Glad Easter Morn
  15. Glad Tidings
  16. Gleaner, The
  17. Good Tidings
  18. Hallowed Night
  19. Happy Greetings Bringing
  20. Heavenly Visitor, The
  21. Hull
  22. I den Tause Midnattstime
  23. In God We Trust
  24. Infinite Grace
  25. Invitation, The
  26. Kings of the Orient
  27. Lead Me to the Rock
  28. Lost River
  29. Merced
  30. Novato
  31. O Have You Not Heard?
  32. Pearly Gate
  33. Penitent, The
  34. Reuben
  35. Royal Way, The
  36. Work While the Day Lasts
  37. Wondrous Cross, The
  38. Zorinsky