May 23, 1848, near Had­don­field, New Jer­sey.

Oc­to­ber 13, 1907, Phil­a­del­phia, Penn­syl­van­ia.

Fern­wood Ce­me­te­ry, Lans­downe, Penn­syl­van­ia.

George was the son of John Hugg and Eliz­a­beth Sprole, bro­ther of I. Newton Hugg, and hus­band of Anne E. Ketch­um.

At age 12, Hugg became choirmaster at the Pres­by­ter­i­an Church in Berlin, New Jersey. At 14, he published his first song, Walk in the Light, which became very popular. He was a prolific composer, with over 2,000 works, including 18 books of revival and Sunday school music and 90 song services for special occasions (Christmas, Easter, etc.).

Hugg served as choirmaster of the Tabernacle Pres­by­ter­i­an Church, and the Broad and Arch Street Me­tho­dist Epis­co­pal Church in Phil­a­del­phia, Penn­syl­van­ia. He was also closely connected with the Harper Memorial Pres­by­ter­i­an Church in Phil­a­del­phia. His works in­clude:

  1. Birds on Leafy Bough Singing, The
  2. Carol, Sweetly Carol, the Savior Rose Today
  3. Christ Is Risen!
  4. Clad in the Gospel Armor
  5. Floating Downward Through the Midnight
  6. Forward Go and Let the Strain
  7. From the Old Grey Tower
  8. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Lift the Voice
  9. Hark, I Hear My Savior Say
  10. He Arose
  11. Holy, Holy, Holy, God of Hosts
  12. Home Coming of Our King, The
  13. How Sweet the Hour When Man Retires
  14. I Have Read of a Wonderful City
  15. In the Sunlight, Bright and Glowing
  16. List, the Merry Bells Are Ringing
  17. List, the Sweetly Chiming Bells
  18. Lord of Hosts, We Come Adoring
  19. Lord, We Come Again with Songs of Gladness
  20. Lowly Entombed He Lay
  21. Make Room for the Blessed Physician
  22. O, Come to the Living Stream
  23. O My Sweet Home, Jerusalem
  24. On This Bright and Glorious Morning
  25. Onward We Come, Singing with Glee
  26. Over Jordan, over Jordan
  27. Praise Ye, Praise Ye, Praise Ye the Lord!
  28. Precious Love of Jesus, The
  29. Put On, Put On, the Whole Armor of God
  30. Rejoice, Rejoice, the Mighty King Has Come
  31. Ring, Ring the Bells
  32. Safe on Board the Old Ship Zion
  33. See, the Seal Is Rudely Broken
  34. Sing Again to Me of Jesus
  35. Sing and Rejoice, All Ye People
  36. Soft the Evening Bells Are Ringing
  37. Song of Joy Pervades the air, A
  38. Strong to Redeem Is the Lord Who Hath Made Me
  39. There Is a Land Far, from Sorrow Free
  40. There Is Sunlight in My Soul
  41. There’s a Great Happy Throng
  42. Third Day, The
  43. Turning to God
  44. We’ll Never Say Good-Bye
  45. When This Poor Heart Is Burdened with Grief
  46. When We Rise to Greet the Master in the Morning
  47. With Song We Celebrate the Day
  1. Across the Blue
  2. Anchored
  3. Armies of God, The
  4. Beautiful Land of the Jasper Walls
  5. Blood upon the Door, The
  6. Callest Thou?
  7. Carcassonne
  8. Concepción
  9. Doha
  10. Easter Bells
  11. Every Bridge Is Burned Behind Me
  12. Father Holds the Hand
  13. Fire Is Burning, The
  14. Gathering on the Hilltops of Glory
  15. Glad Angel Voices
  16. Good-Bye
  17. Going Up to Zion
  18. Gospel Train, The
  19. I Expect to Get to Heaven
  20. Isle of Somewhere, The
  21. Jesus Is Risen!
  22. Jesus Never Leaves the Ship
  23. Light Divine
  24. Marble Arch
  25. Morning, The
  26. No, Not One!
  27. Our Rally Song
  28. Round the Pier
  29. Satisfied
  30. Scattering Precious Seed
  31. Take Off the Old Coat
  32. Testing Time, The
  33. To Victory!
  34. Tompkins
  35. Walking the Golden Streets
  36. When Jesus Comes to Reign
  37. Worthy the Lamb