May 23, 1848, near Had­don­field, New Jer­sey.

Oc­to­ber 13, 1907, Phil­a­del­phia, Penn­syl­van­ia.

Fern­wood Ce­me­te­ry, Lans­downe, Penn­syl­van­ia.

George was the son of John Hugg and Eliz­a­beth Sprole, bro­ther of I. Newton Hugg, and hus­band of Anne E. Ketch­um.

At age 12, he be­came choir­mas­ter at the Pres­by­ter­i­an Church in Ber­lin, New Jer­sey. At 14, he pub­lished his first song, Walk in the Light, which be­came ve­ry po­pu­lar.

Hugg served as choir­mas­ter of the Ta­ber­na­cle Pres­by­ter­i­an Church, and the Broad and Arch Street Me­thod­ist Epis­co­pal Church in Phil­a­del­phia, Penn­syl­van­ia. He was al­so close­ly con­nect­ed with the Har­per Me­mo­ri­al Pres­by­ter­i­an Church in Phil­a­del­phia.

He was a pro­li­fic com­pos­er, with ov­er 2,000 works, in­clud­ing 18 books of re­vi­val and Sun­day school mu­sic, and 90 song ser­vic­es for spe­cial oc­ca­sions (Christ­mas, East­er, etc.).

His works in­clude:

  1. Birds on Leafy Bough Sing­ing, The
  2. Carol, Sweetl­y Ca­rol, the Sav­ior Rose Today
  3. Christ Is Ris­en!
  4. Clad in the Gos­pel Ar­mor
  5. Floating Down­ward Through the Mid­night
  6. Forward Go and Let the Strain
  7. From the Old Grey Tow­er
  8. Hallelujah, Hal­le­lu­jah, Lift the Voice
  9. Hark, I Hear My Sav­ior Say
  10. He Arose
  11. Holy, Ho­ly, Ho­ly, God of Hosts
  12. Home Com­ing of Our King, The
  13. How Sweet the Hour When Man Re­tires
  14. I Have Read of a Won­der­ful Ci­ty
  15. In the Sun­light, Bright and Glow­ing
  16. List, the Mer­ry Bells Are Ring­ing
  17. List, the Sweet­ly Chim­ing Bells
  18. Lord of Hosts, We Come Ador­ing
  19. Lord, We Come Again with Songs of Glad­ness
  20. Lowly En­tombed He Lay
  21. Make Room for the Bless­ed Phy­si­cian
  22. O, Come to the Liv­ing Stream
  23. O My Sweet Home, Je­ru­sa­lem
  24. On This Bright and Glo­ri­ous Morn­ing
  25. Onward We Come, Sing­ing with Glee
  26. Over Jor­dan, over Jor­dan
  27. Praise Ye, Praise Ye, Praise Ye the Lord!
  28. Precious Love of Je­sus, The
  29. Put On, Put On, the Whole Ar­mor of God
  30. Rejoice, Re­joice, the Migh­ty King Has Come
  31. Ring, Ring the Bells
  32. Safe on Board the Old Ship Zi­on
  33. See, the Seal Is Rude­ly Brok­en
  34. Sing Again to Me of Je­sus
  35. Sing and Re­joice, All Ye Peo­ple
  36. Soft the Ev­en­ing Bells Are Ring­ing
  37. Song of Joy Per­vades the Air, A
  38. Strong to Re­deem Is the Lord Who Hath Made Me
  39. There Is a Land Far, from Sor­row Free
  40. There Is Sun­light in My Soul
  41. There’s a Great Hap­py Throng
  42. Third Day, The
  43. Turning to God
  44. We’ll Ne­ver Say Good-Bye
  45. When This Poor Heart Is Bur­dened with Grief
  46. When We Rise to Greet the Mas­ter in the Morn­ing
  47. With Song We Ce­le­brate the Day
  1. Across the Blue
  2. Anchored
  3. Armies of God, The
  4. Beautiful Land of the Jas­per Walls
  5. Blood up­on the Door, The
  6. Callest Thou?
  7. Carcassonne
  8. Concepción
  9. Doha
  10. Easter Bells
  11. Every Bridge Is Burned Be­hind Me
  12. Father Holds the Hand
  13. Fire Is Burn­ing, The
  14. Gathering on the Hill­tops of Glo­ry
  15. Glad Angel Voic­es
  16. Good-Bye
  17. Going Up to Zi­on
  18. Gospel Train, The
  19. I Expect to Get to Hea­ven
  20. Isle of Some­where, The
  21. Jesus Is Ris­en!
  22. Jesus Ne­ver Leaves the Ship
  23. Light Di­vine
  24. Manipur
  25. Manteca
  26. Marble Arch
  27. Morning, The
  28. No, Not One!
  29. Ōta
  30. Our Ral­ly Song
  31. Round the Pier
  32. Satisfied
  33. Scattering Pre­cious Seed
  34. Take Off the Old Coat
  35. Testing Time, The
  36. To Vic­to­ry!
  37. Tompkins
  38. Walking the Gold­en Streets
  39. When Je­sus Comes to Reign
  40. Worthy the Lamb