April 19, 1874, Illinois.

October 18, 1943, Chicago, Illinois.

Maple Grove Cemetery, Milford, Illinois.


Hopkins married Laura Edna Whipple in 1901, and they lived in Chicago their entire married life. His works include:

  1. Can Jesus Use My Little Heart?
  2. Come and Let Us Sing the Savior’s Love
  3. God Has a Blessing for You
  4. I Am the Lord’s, and He Is Mine
  5. I Know That Some Sweet Morn I’ll Wake
  6. If We Can See Jesus as Onward We Go
  7. I’m a Little Soldier with a Sword and Shield
  8. O Jesus, Lord, Help Me to Be
  9. Somewhere There’s a Soul That Is Lonely
  10. Still He Is Pleading
  11. We Are Christian Soldiers