Oc­to­ber 24, 1820, Half­moon Street, Pic­ca­dil­ly, West­min­ster, Lon­don, Eng­land.

June 12, 1885, Pa­ris, France.

Ab­ney Park Ce­me­te­ry, Lon­don, Eng­land.


Self-ed­u­cat­ed, Hood be­came in 1852 the In­de­pen­dent Min­is­ter at Nib­ley, Glou­ces­ter­shire. He stayed there un­til 1857, when he moved to Of­ford Road, Lon­don.

He held sev­er­al sub­se­quent pas­tor­ates, in­clud­ing Brigh­ton & Man­chester, the last be­ing Fal­con Square, Lon­don. He ed­it­ed (and was the chief con­tri­bu­tor to) The Ec­lec­tic Re­view for eight years, and The Preach­er’s Lan­tern for two years. His works in­clude:

  1. Angel of God, Thy Wings Ex­pand­ed
  2. Bride of the Lamb, Sweet Spic­es Bring
  3. Earth in Beau­ty Smiles Again
  4. God, Who Hath Made the Dai­sies
  5. Heart-Broken and Wea­ry, Wher­e’er Thou May’st Be
  6. I Hear a Sweet Voice Ring­ing Clear
  7. I Love to Think, Though I Am Young
  8. Jesus Lives, and J­esus Leads
  9. O Je­sus, Sav­ior, We Are Young
  10. Oh, Walk with Je­sus
  11. Rest Re­main­eth, O How Sweet
  12. Savior and Mas­ter, These Say­ings of Thine
  13. Sing a Hymn to Je­sus
  14. Sweet Hal­le­lu­jahs
  15. Teach Me, O Lord, Wher­e’er I Move
  16. There Is a Word I Fain Would Speak
  17. There’s a Beau­ti­ful Land
  18. Unless the Lord the Ci­ty Keep
  19. We Love the Good Old Bi­ble