Early 20th Century


Holzworth was ed­u­cat­ed at Tri­ni­ty State Col­lege, In­di­a­na. He stu­died or­gan with Pro­fess­or Ru­ten­berg in New York, and Pro­fess­or Chris­tian in Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois; voice with Pro­fess­or Will­iam Miles and K. M. Spenc­er; and the­o­ry with Pro­fess­or Her­mon Watt and Ros­se­ter Cole.

Holzworth taught pi­a­no, or­gan, and the­o­ry for ten years, pri­vate­ly, and in the Mu­sic De­part­ment of Tri-State Col­lege (now Trine Un­i­ver­si­ty), An­go­la, In­di­a­na.

A ten­or, he was he was al­so an ac­comp­lished con­cert per­form­er, and ex­per­i­enced in train­ing cho­rus and quar­tette choirs.

He joined the mu­sic de­part­ment of Moo­dy Bi­ble In­sti­tute, Chi­ca­go, Il­linois, around 1918.

We spe­cu­late he is Al­fred Holz­worth (1882–1972), bur­ied in Lin­den­wood Ce­me­te­ry, Fort Wayne, In­di­a­na.


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