July 24, 1819, Belchertown, Massachusetts.

October 12, 1881, New York City.

Springfield Cemetery, Springfield, Massachusetts.

Holland started his career as a doctor, but switched to teaching, and finally became an editor. He was on the editorial staff of the Springfield, Massachusetts, Republican until 1866, where he wrote the column of Timothy Titcomb Letters. He also helped found Scribner’s Magazine, and worked there until his death. He somehow found time to write a number of novels and volumes of poetry. His works include:

  1. Day Is Quenched, and the Sun Is Fled, The
  2. Day Will Return with a Fresher Boon
  3. For Summer’s Bloom and Autumn’s Blight
  4. Heaven Is Not Reached by a Single Bound
  5. Hither, Sleep, a Mother Wants Thee
  6. I Count This Thing to Be Grandly True
  7. There’s a Song in the Air