January 27, 1823, Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

January 7, 1888, Beverly, New Jersey.

Doylestown Cemetery, Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

Hofford attended Lafayette and Princeton, where he graduated in 1849. He studied theology at the Princeton seminary for a year, and became principal of the Camden Collegiate Institute. While there, he organized a church at Beverly, New Jersey, being licensed by the Presbytery in Philadelphia in 1852. In 1855, he was ordained an evangelist in Burlington, New Jersey. In 1860, he began teaching at the Trenton Institute, and in 1863 took charge of a military institute at Allentown, Pennsylvania that was later incorporated as Muhlenberg College; he served there as a professor and later president. He taught and pastored at Camden and Beverly, New Jersey, and Doylestown, Pennsylvania (1868–78), then became pastor at Morrisville, Pennsylvania.

  1. Abide with Me, the Day Declines
  2. Abide with Me, ’Tis Eventide
  3. All My Class for Jesus
  4. All the World for Jesus, Every Loving Heart
  5. Almost, I Hear Them Say
  6. Are You Walking in His Footsteps?
  7. Are You Walking with the Savior?
  8. Away, Away o’er the Ocean Wave
  9. Beautiful, Home Above
  10. Before the Bolted Door
  11. Behold, the Fields Are White
  12. Beyond This Vale of Tears
  13. Bring Forth the Royal Robe
  14. Catch the Sunbeams
  15. Come, Join the Cheerful Song
  16. Come to the Arms of Jesus
  17. Crown Him Forever King of Kings
  18. Crown of Life Laid Up Above, A
  19. Dear Savior, Take My Hand
  20. Gird on the Armor of the Skies
  21. Glad Tidings of Great Joy We Bring
  22. Glory of the King of Kings, The
  23. Have You Heard the Angels?
  24. He Giveth Songs By Day
  25. He That Soweth Precious Seed
  26. Highway of the Lord Prepare, The
  27. Ho, Everyone That Thirsteth
  28. How Sweet the Gentle Savior’s Voice
  29. I Am Bound for the Kingdom
  30. I Have a Royal Message
  31. I’ll Wait for Thee, Above, Brother
  32. In the Shadow of the Rock Let Me Rest
  33. In the Sweet By and By
  34. Jerusalem the Beautiful
  35. Jesus, in Thy Mercy Wondrous
  36. Jesus Is Mine, Forever Mine
  37. Jesus, Our Lord and Savior, Is Passing Today!
  38. Lift Up the Voice with Singing
  39. Living Water, O How Sweet
  40. Lofty Hills of Moab
  41. Morning on the Mountains
  42. My Beautiful Home on High
  43. Nearer the Close of Day
  44. No One, Save Jesus Only
  45. O Name of Names the Sweetest
  46. O Precious Savior, I Would Lay
  47. O Savior, I Would Walk with Thee
  48. O Speak to Me of Jesus
  49. On the Pinions of a Dove
  50. Prepare the Highway of the Lord
  51. Rejoice with Me, the Lost Is Found!
  52. Salvation, O Salvation
  53. Savior, in the Morning I Will Come to Thee
  54. Shepherd Looked Out, The
  55. Sing the Angel’s Song Today
  56. Song We Love to Sing, The
  57. Sweetness of a Thousand Tongues, The
  58. There Is a Land of Sunny Skies
  59. There Is a Robe
  60. There Is Joy Among the Angels
  61. There Remaineth a Rest for the People of God
  62. There’s a Warfare Sin Is Waging Bold and Strong
  63. ’Tis Ours the Master’s Call
  64. ’Tis Sweet to Think of Heaven My Home
  65. ’Tis the Call of the King
  66. Trusting in the Loving Savior
  67. Until His Kingdom Come
  68. Walk in the Footsteps of Jesus
  69. We Are Marching on to Canaan
  70. We’re Pressing Toward
  71. We’re Traveling Toward a Country Bright
  72. Will You Stand Up for Jesus?
  73. World for Jesus, The

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