Jan­u­ary 27, 1823, Doyles­town, Penn­syl­van­ia.

Jan­u­ary 7, 1888, Bev­er­ly, New Jer­sey.

Doyle­stown Ce­me­te­ry, Doyles­town, Penn­syl­va­nia.

Hofford at­tend­ed La­fay­ette and Prince­ton, where he grad­u­at­ed in 1849. He stu­died the­ol­o­gy at the Prince­ton sem­in­ary for a year, and be­came prin­ci­pal of the Cam­den Col­le­gi­ate In­sti­tute.

While there, he or­gan­ized a church at Bev­er­ly, New Jer­sey, be­ing li­censed by the Pres­by­te­ry in Phil­a­del­phia in 1852. In 1855, he was or­dained an ev­an­gel­ist in Bur­ling­ton, New Jers­ey.

In 1860, he be­gan teach­ing at the Tren­ton In­sti­tute, and in 1863 took charge of a mil­i­tary in­sti­tute at Al­len­town, Penn­syl­van­ia, that was lat­er in­cor­por­at­ed as Muh­len­berg Col­lege. He served there as a pro­fess­or and lat­er pres­i­dent.

He taught and pas­tored at Cam­den and Bev­er­ly, New Jer­sey, and Doyle­stown, Penn­syl­van­ia (1868–78), then be­came pas­tor at Mor­ris­ville, Penn­syl­van­ia.

  1. Abide with Me, the Day De­clines
  2. Abide with Me, ’Tis Ev­en­tide
  3. All My Class for Je­sus
  4. All the World for Je­sus, Ev­ery Lov­ing Heart
  5. Almost, I Hear Them Say
  6. Are You Walk­ing in His Foot­steps?
  7. Are You Walk­ing with the Sav­ior?
  8. Away, Away o’er the Ocean Wave
  9. Beautiful, Home Above
  10. Before the Bolt­ed Door
  11. Behold, the Fields Are White
  12. Beyond This Vale of Tears
  13. Bring Forth the Roy­al Robe
  14. Catch the Sun­beams
  15. Come, Join the Cheer­ful Song
  16. Come to the Arms of Je­sus
  17. Crown Him For­ev­er King of Kings
  18. Crown of Life Laid Up Above, A
  19. Dear Sav­ior, Take My Hand
  20. Gird on the Ar­mor of the Skies
  21. Glad Tid­ings of Great Joy We Bring
  22. Glory of the King of Kings, The
  23. Have You Heard the An­gels?
  24. He Giv­eth Songs by Day
  25. He That Sow­eth Pre­cious Seed
  26. Highway of the Lord Pre­pare, The
  27. Ho, Ev­ery­one That Thirst­eth
  28. How Sweet the Gen­tle Sav­ior’s Voice
  29. I Am Bound for the King­dom
  30. I Have a Roy­al Mes­sage
  31. I’ll Wait for Thee Ab­ove, Bro­ther
  32. In the Sha­dow of the Rock Let Me Rest
  33. In the Sweet By and By
  34. Jerusalem the Beau­ti­ful
  35. Jesus, in Thy Mer­cy Won­drous
  36. Jesus Is Mine, For­ev­er Mine
  37. Jesus, Our Lord and Sav­ior, Is Pass­ing Today!
  38. Lift Up the Voice with Sing­ing
  39. Living Wa­ter, O How Sweet
  40. Lofty Hills of Mo­ab
  41. Morning on the Moun­tains
  42. My Beau­ti­ful Home on High
  43. Nearer the Close of Day
  44. No One, Save Je­sus On­ly
  45. O Name of Names the Sweet­est
  46. O Pre­cious Sav­ior, I Would Lay
  47. O Savior, I Would Walk with Thee
  48. O Speak to Me of Je­sus
  49. On the Pin­ions of a Dove
  50. Prepare the High­way of the Lord
  51. Rejoice with Me, the Lost Is Found!
  52. Salvation, O Sal­va­tion
  53. Savior, in the Morn­ing I Will Come to Thee
  54. Shepherd Looked Out, The
  55. Sing the An­gel’s Song To­day
  56. Song We Love to Sing, The
  57. Sweetness of a Thou­sand Tongues, The
  58. There Is a Land of Sun­ny Skies
  59. There Is a Robe
  60. There Is Joy Among the An­gels
  61. There Re­main­eth a Rest for the Peo­ple of God
  62. There’s a War­fare Sin Is Wag­ing Bold and Strong
  63. ’Tis Ours the Mas­ter’s Call
  64. ’Tis Sweet to Think of Hea­ven My Home
  65. ’Tis the Call of the King
  66. Trusting in the Lov­ing Sav­ior
  67. Until His King­dom Come
  68. Walk in the Foot­steps of Je­sus
  69. We Are March­ing on to Ca­naan
  70. We’re Press­ing To­ward
  71. We’re Tra­vel­ing To­ward a Coun­try Bright
  72. Will You Stand Up for Je­sus?
  73. World for Je­sus, The

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