January 21, 1832, Bergen, Norway.

December 8, 1894, Christiania, Norway.

Erik was the son of blacksmith Erik Christian Hoff and Anne Sophie Torstensen, and husband of Berte Malene Jakobsen. A graduate of the Stord seminary, he sang in the Korskirken choir in Bergen, and studied organ and music theory in Vogel. In 1860, he moved to Halmestrand, where he taught two years before taking another teaching post in Oslo. He conducted several choirs in Oslo, and became organist at the Garisonkirke in 1864. King Oscar frequently went to the Garisonkirke to hear Hoff play, and encouraged him to produce a chorale book. Hoff’s works include:

  1. Guds Menighed, syng
  2. Guds kirkefolk, syng

Hoff’s place of burial