May 17, 1833, Hanover, New Hampshire (Julian incorrectly gives the location as Hanover, New Haven).

August 31, 1902, Brooklyn, New York.

Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York.


Hinsdale’s father was Charles Brickett Haddock, professor at Dartmouth College and nephew of statesman Daniel Webster; Grace was named after her father’s aunt, Grace Webster. Grace married lawyer Theodore Hinsdale in 1850; he died in 1880. Grace contributed verses and short sketches to Scribner’s Magazine (when it was known as Hours at Home), the Boston Congregationalist, the Independent, the Sunday School Times, and the Christian Union. Her works include:

  1. Are There No Wounds for Me?
  2. Hark! The Air Is Full of Voices
  3. How Dear to Me the Twilight Hour
  4. I Have Something Jesus Gave Me
  5. Jesus, the Rays Divine
  6. Light Streams Downward from the Sky, A
  7. Little Saints to Christ Belong
  8. My Soul Complete in Jesus Stands
  9. O What Can Little Hands Do?
  10. There Was No Angel
  11. Thou Stand’st Between the Earth and Heaven