January 18, 1866, near Greenmount (possibly Linnville Creek), Rockingham County, Virginia.

March 23, 1931, High Point, North Carolina.

Weavers Mennonite Church Cemetery, Harrisonburg, Virginia.


Hildebrand attended the public schools and Shenandoah Seminary. His mother taught him to sing as soon as he could talk, but his first regular teacher was D. M. Click. He later studied with James Ruebush, Benjamin Unseld, P. J. Merges, George and Frederick Root, C. B. Shaw, F. H. Tubbs and others. He began teaching singing schools during the summer months while pursuing his college course. He was elected principal of the Dayton Music School in 1894, resigning in 1899 to become Director of Music at Bridgewater College, Vir­gin­ia. He owned the Hildebrand-Burnette music publishing company in Waynesboro, Vir­gin­ia, and helped edit several music books. He was living in Basic City, Vir­gin­ia, in 1920, and in Ashby, Vir­gin­ia, in 1930.

Hildebrand married Zona T. Wise in 1902. His parents and other members of his family were Mennonites, but his membership was with the United Brethren Church. Hildebrand’s works in­clude:

  1. Come, Ye Little Children
  2. My Far Away Home
  3. Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men
  4. Sometime, Somewhere
  1. Bear Butte
  2. Glory of the Welcome, The

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