March 10, 1824, Saint Mary’s Church, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, Eng­land.

Ap­ril 20, 1886, Claybrooke (near Lutterworth), Eng­land.

Hewett was educated at Tri­ni­ty Col­lege, Cam­bridge (BA 1849, MA 1852). From 1849–52, he was a Fellow of St. Nicolas College, Shoreham. He then became Head Master of Bloxham Grammar School (1853–56) and Senior Classical Master in the North London College School (1874–78). He also held curacies in London and environs. His works in­clude:

  1. In the Name of God the Father
  2. Jesu, Now Thy New Made Soldier
  3. Jesu, Our Lenten Fast to Thee
  4. Jesus, Thy Presence We Adore
  5. O Thou Who Dost to Man Accord
  6. What Time the Evening Shadows Fall
  7. Withdraw from Every Human Eye
  1. Jesu, Our Lenten Fast to Thee
  2. Virgin Mother, Oh, Rejoice!