Friedrich Wilhelm Herzberger

Oc­to­ber 23, 1859, Bal­ti­more, Mar­y­land.

Au­gust 26, 1930, St. Lou­i­s, Mis­sou­ri.

Con­cor­dia Ce­me­te­ry, St. Lou­is, Mis­sou­ri.

Frederick was the son of Fried­rich Au­gust Herz­berg­er, and hus­band of Mar­tha Schroe­ter.

He was ed­u­cat­ed at Con­cor­dia Se­mi­na­ry, St. Lou­is, Mis­sou­ri. After gra­du­a­tion, he pas­tored in Car­son, Kansas; Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois; and Ham­mond, In­di­a­na.

He was al­so a pi­o­neer mis­sion­a­ry in Ar­kan­sas, be­came the first ci­ty mis­sion­a­ry (in St. Lou­is) of the Lu­ther­an Mis­sou­ri Sy­nod in 1899, and worked for ma­ny mis­sion­a­ry and char­i­ta­ble caus­es.

His works in­clude:

  1. Again Is Come the New Church Year
  2. Branch So Fair Has Blos­somed, A
  3. Christ Is Aris­en, from Death’s Pain­ful Prison
  4. Come, Child­ren, Sing Re­joic­ing
  5. Glad Christ­mas Is Here, Is Here, Hal­le­lu­jah
  6. Glory, Glo­ry, Praise God on High
  7. Greetings Thou­sand­fold Re­ceive Thee
  8. How Great the Joy to Be a Lamb of Je­sus
  9. Hush, Hush, Hush, Behold the Won­drous Light
  10. I Come, O Christ, In­vit­ed
  11. In Beth­le­hem, the Low­ly
  12. In Lone­ly Dell, Where Drea­ry Night
  13. In Tri­umph He Went Hea­ven­ward
  14. Jesus Sin­ners Doth Re­ceive
  15. Just Be­lieve from Day to Day
  16. Let Egypt Boast Her Pyr­a­mids
  17. Let Me Have but Je­sus
  18. Now Raise Your Hap­py Voice
  19. O Did You Hear the Won­drous Story?
  20. O Great­est Man of Pain
  21. O Have You Heard the Won­drous Story?
  22. O Thou Day, What Shall I Call Thee?
  23. See, There in the Mang­er Lies a Lit­tle Child
  24. The Ear­ly Sun Shines in the Skies
  25. The Tru­est Friend I Have in Hea­ven
  26. There Still Is Room in Je­sus’ Arms So True
  27. We Thank Thee, Lord, with One Ac­cord
  1. Now Are the Days Ful­filled
  2. Send, O Lord, Thy Ho­ly Spir­it

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