Johann Herzog

June 6, 1647, Dresden, Germany.

March 21, 1699, Dresden, Germany.

Son of Johann Hertzog, diaconus of the Church of the Holy Cross in Dresden, Hertzog completed legal studies at the University of Wittenberg, then served as tutor to the sons of General-Lieutenant von Arnim (1671-74). In 1674, he returned to Dresden to practice law.

  1. Nun sich der Tag geendet hat, Und keine Sonn mehr scheint
    • And Now Another Day Is Gone
    • And Now Another Day Is Past
    • Day Is Done, the Sun Is Set, The
    • Day Is Gone, and Now No More
    • In Mercy, Lord, Remember Me
    • Now That the Day from Earth Hath Crept
    • Now That the Sun Doth Shine No More
    • Shades of Night Have Banished Day, The
    • Since Now the Day Hath Reached Its Close
    • Waning Day Hath Reached Its Close