April 11, 1675, Bopfingen, Württemberg, Germany.

February 5, 1723, Halle, Germany.

Johann’s father, G. A. Herrnschmidt, was diaconus at Bopfingen, 1673–1702, and town preacher, 1702–14. Johann entered the University of Altdorf in 1696 (MA 1698), and in the autumn of 1698 went to Halle. In the spring of 1702 he became assistant to his father, and in July 1702, Helfer at the town church. In 1712 he became superintendent, court preacher, and Consistorialrath at Idstein. He also graduated from Halle that year. In 1715, he was appointed Professor of Theology at Halle, and in 1716 also sub-director of the orphanage and Pädagogium there. Most of Herrnschmidt’s hymns were written during his first residence at Halle, and appeared mostly in Geistreiches Gesangbuch, by Freylinghausen.

  1. Er wird es thun, der fromme treue Gott
    • Our God Is True, Most Faithful Is His Word
  2. Gott wills machen, dass die Sachen
  3. Kommt, danket dem Helden mit freudigen Zungen
    • With Hearts and with Voices, O Praise Ye the Lord
  4. Lobe den Herren, O meine Seele