October 19, 1838, Addlestone, Surrey, England.

October 10, 1898, Brussels, Belgium.

Claudia’s father, W. H. Ibotson, was an Anglican priest and sometime Vicar of Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire. Her husband, J. W. D. Hernaman, was a minister and school inspector. She took an avid interest in children’s religious education, and some of her translations of Latin hymns were specifically for children. Her works include:

  1. All Thy Saints Adore Thee, Lord
  2. Angels Singing
  3. Behold, Behold, He Cometh
  4. Call to Arms Is Sounding, The
  5. Come, Children, Raise Your Voices
  6. Early with the Blush of Dawn
  7. Faithful Shepherd, Hear Our Cry
  8. Faithful Shepherd of Thine Own
  9. He Led Them unto Bethany
  10. Hear Us Lord, Now School Is Over
  11. Holy Spirit, Hear Us, on This Sacred Day
  12. Hosanna, Now Through Advent
  13. Hosanna Some Were Calling
  14. Hosanna, They Were Singing
  15. How Can We Serve Thee, Lord?
  16. In the Name of God the Father
  17. It Is a Day of Gladness
  18. Jesus, Royal Jesus
  19. Lord, I Have Sinned, Pardon Me
  20. Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days
  21. Reverently We Worship Thee
  22. Shepherd, Who Thy Life Didst Give
  23. Throughout These Days of Penance, Lord
  24. You Are Wealthy, Come Worship Him Low
  1. Holy Spirit, Hear Us