April 21, 1562, Fraustadt, Posen, Prussia (now Wschowa, Poland).

May 18, 1627, Fraustadt, Posen, Prussia.

Cmentarz Ewangelicki Wschowa, Wschowa, Poland.

Son of Martin Herberger, furrier and poet at Fraustadt, Valerius studied theology at the Universities of Frankfurt an der Oder and Leipzig. In 1584, he became master of the lower classes in the school at Fraustadt; in 1590, diaconus of St. Mary’s Church in Fraustadt; and in 1599 chief pastor. In 1604, he and his flock were ousted from the church by King Sigismund III of Poland, for the sake of the few Roman Catholics there. Out of two houses near one of the town gates, they made a meeting place which was named Kripplein Christi, as the first service was held on a Christmas Eve. His works include:

  1. Valet will ich dir geben
    • Farewell Henceforth Forever
    • Farewell I Gladly Bid Thee
    • Grant in the Bottom of My Heart
    • I Bid Adieu for Ever
    • My Parting Spirit Biddeth
    • O World So Vain, I Leave Thee
    • Shelter Our Souls Most Graciously
    • Vain World, Forbear Thy Pleading