Ap­ril 21, 1562, Frau­stadt, Po­sen, Prus­sia (now Wscho­wa, Po­land).

May 18, 1627, Frau­stadt, Po­sen, Prus­sia.

Cmentarz Ewan­gel­ic­ki Wscho­wa, Wscho­wa, Pol­and.

Valerius was the son of Mar­tin Her­ber­ger, fur­ri­er and po­et at Frau­stadt.

He stu­died the­o­lo­gy at the Un­iver­si­ties of Frank­furt an der Oder and Leip­zig.

In 1584, he be­came mas­ter of the low­er class­es in the school at Frau­stadt; in 1590, di­a­co­nus of St. Ma­ry’s Church in Frau­stadt; and in 1599 chief pas­tor.

In 1604, he and his flock were oust­ed from the church by King Sig­is­mund III of Poland, for the sake of the few Ro­man Cath­o­lics there. Out of two hous­es near one of the town gates, they made a meet­ing place which was named Krip­plein Chris­ti, as the first ser­vice was held on a Christ­mas Eve.

Herberger’s works in­clude:

  1. Valet will ich dir ge­ben
    • Farewell Hence­forth For­ev­er
    • Farewell I Glad­ly Bid Thee
    • Grant in the Bot­tom of My Heart
    • I Bid Adieu for Ev­er
    • My Part­ing Spir­it Bid­deth
    • O World So Vain, I Leave Thee
    • Shelter Our Souls Most Gra­cious­ly
    • Vain World, For­bear Thy Plead­ing