March 30, 1798, Linum, Ostprignitz-Ruppin, Brandenburg, Germany.

December 18, 1876, Paderborn, Germany.


Daughter of J. J. L. Hensel, Lutheran pastor at Linum, Luise converted to Roman Catholicism in 1818. During her life, she devoted herself mainly to the education of the young and care of the sick. In 1874, she entered the Union of Daughters of Christian Love at Paderborn.

  1. Ich liebe einen Königs Sohn
    • I Love a Royal Only Son
  2. Immer muss ih wieder lesen
  3. Müde bin ich, geh’ zur Ruh
    • I Am Tired, and So I Seek
    • Now I Close My Tired Eyes
    • Now That o’er Each Weary Head
    • Wearied Now, I Seek Repose
    • Weary Now I Go to Bed
    • Weary Now I Go to Rest
  4. O Sonne, wenn von deinem Licht
    • O Sun, if from Thy Light a Ray
  5. O Sorge, die mich niederdrückt
    • Begone, O Load of Care, Begone
    • O Anxious Care That Weighs Me Down
  6. Was verlangst du, waum bangst du
    • What Seekest Thou! Why Fearest Thou
  7. Zu dir, zu dir, hinweg von mir
    • To Thee, to Thee, Away from Self

Hensel’s burial place