November 27, 1862, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

March 12, 1946, Jessup, Pennsylvania.

Henry attended LaSalle College, the University of Pennsylvania, and St. Charles Seminary, Overbrook, Pennsylvania. After ordination in 1889, he taught English and Latin at the seminary until 1894, music and literature until 1917, and directed the seminary choir. He went on to serve as Rector of the Philadelphia Catholic High School for Boys (1902–19), and professor of homiletics at the Catholic University of America, Washington, DC (1919–37). He is also remembered as a lecturer at the Catholic Summer School, Cliff Haven, New York; president of the American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia; editor of Church Music (1905–14); and author of Catholic Customs and Symbols.

  1. Hail, Thou Living Victim Blest
  2. Lord, My Shepherd Is, The
  3. Lord Said unto My Lord, The
  4. Maid of France, with Visioned Eyes, The
  5. Memory of Jesus Sweet, The
  6. My Dearest Savior, I Would Fain
  7. Now Let the Darkling Eve
  8. O Dearest Love Divine
  9. O Happy Day! That Could Display
  10. Savior Is Our Surety, The
  11. Savior Is Our Very Food, The
  12. Sing, My Tongue, the Mystic Story
  13. Unto Him, for Whom, This Day
  14. Wondrous Love That Cannot Falter
  1. Cometh a New Year
  2. Hail, Angelic Bread of Heaven
  3. Holy God, We Praise Thy Name
  4. O Bread of Life from Heaven
  5. Very Angels’ Bread, The
  6. Wondrous Theme of Mortal Singing
  7. Word, Descending from Above, The
  8. Ye Faithful, with Gladness