July 21, 1620, Guh­rau, Ober­schle­sien, Prussia (now Góra, Poland).

August 16, 1659, Stet­tin (now Szcze­cin, Poland).

Son of Val­en­tin Held of Guh­rau, Heinrich attended the Universities of Kö­nigs­berg (now Ka­lin­in­grad, Rus­sia), circa 1637–40, Frank­furt an der Oder (1643) and Lei­den, Holland. He was also in residence at Ros­tock in 1647.

He became a licentiate of law, and settled as a lawyer in Guh­rau, where he died about 1659, or at least before Michael­mas, 1661. His only extant poetical work is:

  1. Gott sei Dank durch alle Welt
  2. Komm, o Komm, du Geist des Le­bens