Ottiwell Hegenbotham

Heginbothom was for a short time min­is­ter of a Non­con­form­ist con­gre­ga­tion in Sud­bury, Suf­folk. Due to po­li­tic­al and re­li­gious dis­putes which shook his con­gre­ga­tion, in whose or­ig­in he had no part, some mem­bers se­ced­ed and built an­oth­er cha­pel. The stress af­fect­ed his health, and he died af­ter serv­ing less than three years.

A num­ber of his hymns were pub­lished post­hu­mous­ly, in:

  1. Blest Jesus, When My Soar­ing Thoughts
  2. Come Hum­ble Souls; Ye Mourn­ers Come
  3. Come Saints and Shout the Sav­ior’s Praise
  4. Come, Shout Aloud the Fa­ther’s Grace
  5. Father of Mer­cies, God of Love
  6. God of Our Life! Thy Var­i­ous Praise
  7. Great God, Let All My Tune­ful Pow­ers
  8. Hark, the Loud Trum­pet of Our God
  9. Hark, ’Tis Your Heav­en­ly Fa­ther’s Call
  10. I Ask Not Wealth, Nor Pomp, Nor Pow­er
  11. My Soul Shall Praise Thee, O My God
  12. Now Let My Soul, Eter­nal King
  13. See, Migh­ty God, Be­fore Thy Throne
  14. Sweet Peace of Con­science, Hea­ven­ly Guest
  15. To Thee, My Shep­herd, and My Lord
  16. Unhappy Ci­ty, Hadst Thou Known
  17. When Sick­ness Shakes the Lang­uid Corse
  18. Yes, I Will Bless Thee, O My God