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De­cem­ber 17, 1834, Farn­ing­ham, Kent, Eng­land.

March 16, 1909, Bar­mouth, Wales.

Billing Road Ce­me­te­ry, North­amp­ton, Eng­land.

Marianne Farn­in­gham.

A member of the Bap­tist denomination, Hearn lived in Farn­ing­ham, North­amp­ton, and Graves­end. Her literary work was done chiefly in connection with the Chris­tian World newspaper, having joined the staff at its beginning. She also edited the Sunday School Times. Her contributions to the Chris­tian World were collected in book form as:

  1. Anywhere with Jesus
  2. Christ, We Children Sing to Thee
  3. Father Who Givest Us Now the New Year
  4. He Smiled as He Stretched Out His Hand in Glad Welcome
  5. Hail the Children’s Festal Day
  6. Just as I Am, Thine Own to Be
  7. Let the Children Come, Christ Said
  8. Little Feet Are Passing
  9. Sing, for the World Rejoices
  10. We Hope in Thee, O God!
  11. When Mysterious Whispers Are Floating About