Ap­ril 19, 1878.

Sep­tem­ber 13, 1952.

Mount Carmel Ce­me­te­ry, Eden, Alabama.

Austin was the son of Richard Marion Hazelwood and Armenda C. Bowman, and husband of Esther Stewart.

One of Hazelwood’s songs is headed, Respectfully inscribed to my dear teacher, Prof. A. M. Pace. Copyright records indicate Hazelwood was living in Pell City, Al­a­ba­ma, in 1909.

  1. I’m Walking Today the Beautiful Way
  2. I’ve Been Told There’s Peace and Glory
  3. We Shall Meet to Part, No, Never
  1. Bound for Harbor and Home
  2. Heart Shall Reap in Joy, The
  3. Our Savior Will Come