January 18, 1793, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England.

April 19, 1870, Leamington, Warwickshire, England.

Priory Church of St. Peter, Astley, Worcestershire, England.

William was the father of hymnist Fran­ces Hav­er­gal.

He was educated at Mer­chant Tay­lors School, North­wood, Hert­ford­shire, and St. Ed­mund Hall, Ox­ford (BA 1815, MA 1819). He was ordained a deacon in 1816, and priest in 1817. He held three rec­tor­ships: Ast­ley, Wor­ces­ter­shire (1829); St. Ni­cholas, Wor­ces­ter (1842); and Shares­hill, near Wol­ver­hamp­ton (1860).

The epitaph on Ha­ver­gal’s white marble tomb:

The Rev. William Henry Havergal, M.S.,
Vicar of Shareshill and Hon. Canon of Worcester Cathedral.
Died at Leamington, 19th April 1870, aged 77.
Curate 7, and Rector 13 years, of this parish, 1822 to 1843.
A faithful minister in the Lord (Eph. Vi. 21).

Memorial tablets to him were placed in Wor­ces­ter Ca­thed­ral, St. Ni­cho­las and Shares­hill churches.

  1. All Hail, Thou Resurrection!
  2. Blessed Jesus, Lord and Brother
  3. Brighter Than Meridian Splendor
  4. Christians, Awake to Joy and Praise
  5. Come, Shepherds, Come, ’Tis Just a Year
  6. Forever and Forever, Lord
  7. Hallelujah! Lord, Our Voices
  8. Heralds of the Lord of Glory
  9. Hosanna! Raise the Pealing Hymn
  10. How Vast the Field of Souls
  11. In Doubt and Dread Dismay
  12. Lord, if Judgments Now Are Waking
  13. Jerusalem the Golden, the Home of Saints Shall Be
  14. My Times Are in Thy Hand
  15. No Dawn of Holy Light
  16. Our Faithful God Hath Sent Us
  17. Remember, Lord, Thy Word of Old Displayed
  18. Shout, O Earth! from Silence Waking
  19. So Happy All the Day
  20. Soon the Trumpet of Salvation
  21. To Praise Our Shepherd’s Care
  22. Widely, Midst the Slumbering Nations
  23. Worcester Christmas Carol, The
  1. Baca
  2. Bavaria
  3. Dusseldorf
  4. Eden
  5. Evan
  6. Gennesaret
  7. Old Sax­ony
  8. Patmos
  9. Ratisbon
  10. Samos
  11. St. John (Parish)
  12. Stobel
  13. Swabia
  14. Zoan