December 23, 1812, near Bethania, North Carolina.

September 15, 1880, Wadley, Georgia. His last words are reported as:

I feel that my work on earth is done, and there is not a cloud between me and God.

Bethany Cemetery, Wadley, Georgia.


Hauser lost his father at age 2, and joined the Methodist church around age 13. He obtained a preaching license in 1834, and was a circuit rider for two years. He married in 1837, moved to Virginia in 1839, and in 1841 to Georgia, where he supported his family as a teacher while studying medicine. He began his medical practice in 1843, for a while helped edit the Blister and Critic and the Oglethorpe Medical Journal, and taught physiology and pathology at Oglethorpe Medical College. His works include:

  1. Isles of the South