Late 19th Century
  1. Beautiful Morn So Fair and Bright
  2. Bright Dawns the Morning of Christmas Joy
  3. Ever Near
  4. Come Boys, Don’t Wait for a Future Day
  5. I’ll Lift Mine Eyes unto the Hills
  6. Dearest Teacher, Loving Pastor
  7. Let Us Sing Loud Praises
  8. Little Children, Press Onward
  9. O How I Love the Dawn
  10. Golden Jerusalem
  11. Shining Land, The
  12. Sunday School Call
  13. This Dark World Is Not My Home
  14. We Are Marching on to Reach the Shining Shore
  15. We Are Marching on to Zion
  16. To the Woods, to the Woods
  17. Who Shall Ever Be Joyful?