1712, Lon­don, Eng­land.

May 24, 1768, Lon­don, Eng­land.

Bun­hill Fields, Is­ling­ton, Lon­don, Eng­land.


Hart re­sist­ed Christ­i­an­i­ty while young, writ­ing the pamph­let The Un­rea­son­a­ble­ness of Re­li­gion, Be­ing Re­marks and An­im­ad­ver­sions on the Rev. John Wes­ley’s Ser­mon on Ro­mans 8:32.

How­ev­er, Hart came to Christ in 1757, be­com­ing an enor­mous­ly po­pu­lar preach­er and hymn writ­er. Tens of thou­sands at­tend­ed his fu­ner­al.

His works in­clude:

  1. And Did the Dar­ling Son of God
  2. And Must It, Lord, Be So?
  3. As When a Child Se­cure of Harms
  4. Awake, Ye Sleep­ing Souls, Awake
  5. Backsliding Souls, Re­turn to God
  6. Behold! With Aw­ful Pomp
  7. Believer, Lift Thy Droop­ing Head
  8. Believers Own They Are but Blind
  9. Bless the Lord, My Soul, and Raise
  10. Blest Me­mo­ri­als of Thy Grief, The
  11. Blest Are They Whose Guilt Is Gone
  12. Blest Spir­it of Truth
  13. Brethren, Let Us Praise Our Lord
  14. Brethren, Those Who Come to Bliss
  15. Brethren, Why Toil Ye Thus for Toys?
  16. Brethren, Would You Know Your Stay?
  17. Christ Is the Eter­nal Rock
  18. Christ Is the Friend of Sin­ners
  19. Christians, Dis­miss Your Fear
  20. Christians in Your Se­ver­al Sta­tions
  21. Christians, View This So­lemn Scene
  22. Come Hi­ther, Ye That Fain Would Know
  23. Come Hi­ther, Ye That Fear the Lord
  24. Come, Ho­ly Spir­it, Come
  25. Come, My Soul, and Let Us Try
  26. Come, Poor Sin­ners, Come Away
  27. Come Raise Your Thank­ful Voice
  28. Come, Ye Back­slid­ing Sons of God
  29. Come, Ye Chris­tians, Sing the Prais­es
  30. Come Ye Hum­ble Sin­ner
  31. Come, Ye Re­deem­èd of the Lord
  32. Come, Ye Sin­ners, Poor and Wretch­ed
  33. Deep in a Cold a Joy­less Cell
  34. Descend from Hea­ven, Ce­les­ti­al Dove
  35. Deserters to the Camp Re­turn
  36. Dismiss Us with Thy Bless­ing, Lord
  37. Doleful Night Be­fore His Death, The
  38. Faith in Je­sus Can Re­pel
  39. Faith in the Bleed­ing Lamb
  40. Faith’s a Con­vinc­ing Proof
  41. Father, ere We Hence De­part
  42. Father of Hea­ven, Al­migh­ty King
  43. Father of Heav’n, We Thee Ad­dress
  44. Form of Words, Tho’ E’er So Sound, A
  45. Fountain of Christ, As­sist Me to Sing, The
  46. Fountain of Life, Who Gav’st Us Breath
  47. From Poi­son­ous Er­rors, Pleas­ing Cheats
  48. Gird Thy Loins Up, Chris­tian Sol­dier
  49. Glory to God on High
  50. God I Trust Is True and Just, The
  51. God Is a High and Ho­ly God
  52. God, That First Us Chose, The
  53. God Thus Com­mand­ed Ja­cob’s Seed
  54. Gracious God, Thy Child­ren Keep
  55. Great High Priest, We View Thee Stoop­ing
  56. Guardian of Thy Help­less Sheep
  57. Hail the Bride­groom Bruised to Death!
  58. Happy the Men That Fear the Lord
  59. He That Be­liev­eth Christ, the Lord
  60. His Spir­it Will Cher­ish
  61. Holy Ghost in Script­ure Sa­ith, the
  62. Holy Ghost, In­spire Our Praise
  63. How Blest Is the Sea­son
  64. How Can Ye Hope, De­lud­ed Souls?
  65. How Hard and Rug­ged Is the Way
  66. How High a Pri­vi­lege ’Tis to Know
  67. How Sore a Plague Is Sin
  68. How Strange Is the Course that a Chris­tian Must Steer
  69. How Won­drous Are the Works of God
  70. I Am, Sa­ith Christ, the Way
  71. If Dust and Ash­es Might Pre­sume
  72. If Ev­er It Could Come to Pass
  73. If This Be, Lord, Thy Way
  74. In All Our Worst Af­flict­ions
  75. In Vain Men Talk of Liv­ing Faith
  76. Innumerable Foes
  77. Is Then the Law of God Un­true?
  78. Jesus Is Our God and Sav­ior
  79. Jesus Is the Chief­est Good
  80. Jesus, Lord of Life and Peace
  81. Jesus Once for Sin­ners Slain
  82. Jesus, Our Tri­umph­ant Head
  83. Jesus, When on the Bloody Tree
  84. Jesus, While He Dwelt Be­low
  85. Join Ev­ery Tongue to Sing
  86. Kind Souls, Who for the Mi­ser­ies Moan
  87. King of Hea­ven a Feast Has Made, The
  88. Lamb of God, We Fall Be­fore Thee
  89. Let Us All with Grate­ful Prais­es
  90. Let us Ask the Im­port­ant Quest­ion
  91. Lord As­sured the Chos­en Race, The
  92. Lord, Hear a Rest­less Wretch’s Groans
  93. Lord, Help Us on Thy Word to Feed
  94. Lord, Look on All As­sem­bled Here
  95. Lord, Pi­ty Out­casts Vile and Base
  96. Lord, Send Thy Spir­it Down
  97. Lord That Made Both Heav’n and Earth, The
  98. Lord, We Lie Be­fore Thy Feet
  99. Lord, When I Hear Thy Child­ren Talk
  100. Lord, When Thy Spir­it Des­cends to Show
  101. Lord, Who Can Hear of All Thy Woe
  102. Man, Be­wail Thy Si­tu­a­tion
  103. Man There Is, a Real Man, A
  104. Men That Fear the Lord, The
  105. Mercy Is Wel­come News In­deed
  106. Mighty En­e­mies With­out
  107. Mistaken Men May Bawl
  108. Moon and Stars Shall Lose Their Light, The
  109. Much We Talk of Je­sus’ Blood
  110. My Breth­ren, Why These An­xious Fears?
  111. My God, When I Re­flect
  112. No Pro­phet, nor Dream­er of Dreams
  113. Now for a Theme of Thank­ful Praise
  114. Now for a Won­drous Song
  115. Now from the Gar­den to the Cross
  116. O for a Glance of Hea­ven­ly Day
  117. O Ye Sons of Men, Be Wise
  118. Of All the Crea­tures God Has Made
  119. Oh! For a Glance of Hea­ven­ly Day
  120. Oh! That Our Flinty Hearts Would Melt
  121. Oh! The Pangs by Chris­tians Felt
  122. Oh! What a Nar­row Path
  123. Oh! What a Sad and Dole­ful Night
  124. Once More, Be­fore We Part
  125. Once More the Con­stant Sun
  126. Once More We Come Be­fore Our God
  127. Pity a Help­less Sin­ner, Lord
  128. Pleased We Read, in Sac­red Sto­ry
  129. Pore Not on Thy­self Too Long
  130. Praise of Christ, Ye Chris­tians Sound, The
  131. Prayer Is Ap­point­ed to Con­vey
  132. Repentance Is a Gift Be­stowed
  133. See from the Dun­geon of the Dead
  134. Sinner, That Slum­b’rest on the Brink
  135. Sinner That by Pre­cious Faith, The
  136. Sinner That Truly Be­lieves, The
  137. Sons of God by Blest Adop­tion
  138. Soul That with Sin­cere De­sire, The
  139. Souls That Would to Je­sus Press, The
  140. Spirits of the Just, The
  141. Suffering Sav­ior, Lamb of God
  142. Tender Mer­cies of the Lord, The
  143. That Day When Christ Was Cru­ci­fied
  144. That Dole­ful Night Be­fore His Death
  145. Things on Earth Which Men Es­teem
  146. This Is the Day the Lord Has Made
  147. Tho’ Strait Be the Way
  148. Tho’ Void of All That’s Good
  149. Thy Mer­cy, Lord, We Praise
  150. Thus Sa­ith the Lord to Those That Stand
  151. To Com­pre­hend the Great Three-One
  152. To You Who Stand in Christ So Fast
  153. Uprising from the Dark­some Tomb
  154. Vain Man, Thy Fond Pur­suits For­bear
  155. Vain Man, to Boast For­bear
  156. We Sing Thy Praise, Ex­alt­ed Lamb
  157. What Makes Mis­tak­en Men Afraid
  158. What Sla­vish Fears Mo­lest My Mind
  159. What Tongue Can Ful­ly Tell
  160. What Va­ri­ous Ways Do Men In­vent
  161. Whatever Prompts the Soul to Pride
  162. When Aar­on in the Ho­li­est Place
  163. When Ad­am by Trans­gression Fell
  164. When Deaf to Ev­ery Warn­ing Giv’n
  165. When I, by Faith, My Mak­er See
  166. When Is It Chris­tians All Agree?
  167. When Je­sus Un­der­took
  168. When Je­sus with His Migh­ty Love
  169. When No­ah, with His Fa­vored Few
  170. When Pin­ing Sick­ness Wastes the Frame
  171. When the Blest Day of Pen­te­cost
  172. When Through the De­sert Vast
  173. When We Pray, or When We Sing
  174. Whene’er I Make Some Sud­den Stop
  175. While Hea­ven­ly Hosts Their An­thems Sing
  176. Whoe’er Be­lieves Aright
  177. Wide Is the Gate of Death
  178. Ye Bold Blas­phem­ing Souls
  179. Ye Child­ren of God
  180. Ye Lambs of Christ’s Fold
  181. Ye Sons of Men, the Warn­ing Take
  182. Ye Souls That Are Weak
  183. Ye Souls that Trust in Christ
  184. Ye Tempt­ed Souls, Re­flect