Au­gust 3, 1784, Ips­wich, Suf­folk, Eng­land.

Tack­et Street Burial Ground, Ips­wich, Suf­folk, Eng­land.

A domestic servant, Har­ris­on taught herself to read and write. At age 20, she suffered an illness, possibly tuberculosis, from which she did not expect to recover. She gave manuscripts of her poetry to John Con­der, a Con­gre­ga­tion­al­ist minister, who edited and published her poems.

The preface to the first edition of her collected hymns, Songs in the Night (Ip­swich, Eng­land: Pun­chard & Jer­myn, 1780), states that she was a very obscure young woman, and quite destitute of the advantages of education, as well as under great bodily affliction. Her father dying when she was young, and leaving a large family unprovided for, she went out to service at sixteen years of age.

Songs in the Night went through at least 21 editions in Bri­tain and Amer­i­ca, making it one of the best selling collections written by a laboring-class poet in the late eighteenth century.

This inscription was placed at her grave:


  1. All Glory Belongs to Jesus Alone
  2. Am I Indeed Born from Above?
  3. Arise, My Soul, to Jesus Fly
  4. Attend, My Soul, and Trembling Hear
  5. Awake My Heart, My Soul Arise
  6. Away, My Doubts, Be Gone, My Fear
  7. Begone, My Worldly Cares, Away
  8. Be Merciful, O God, to Me
  9. Begone, My Worldly Cares, Away
  10. Behold, He Comes, the Savior Comes
  11. Bring All the Brutish and Unwise
  12. Chastened I Am from Day to Day
  13. Christian, Examine Well Thy Mind
  14. Come, O My Doubting Soul, Attend
  15. Come, View the Field of Love Divine
  16. Condemn Me Not, Most Gracious God
  17. Deceivers Well Affect to Appear
  18. Gainst Thee, Thou Holy, Just and Wise
  19. God and His Law Are My Delight
  20. God of My Days, God of My Nights
  21. Good News These Blessèd Words Impart
  22. Grace Will to Every Duty Bind
  23. Haste That Delightful, Awful Day
  24. Hear This, Ye Favorites of the Lord
  25. High in the Heavens Doth God Reside
  26. How Are My Powers All Tuned to Mourn
  27. How Oft Doth Beauty Lead to Sin
  28. How Should the Morning of My Days
  29. How Suitable This Word to Me
  30. How Welcome Is This News
  31. I Fear the God of Heaven and Earth
  32. I, Jesus, Am Ascended High
  33. I Languish for a Sight
  34. I Think My Table Richly Spread
  35. In This Extreme Distress of Soul
  36. Is Jesus Evermore the Same
  37. Is This Thy Will, and Must I Be
  38. Is This Unpleasing Cup Now Given
  39. Jesus Exalts His Favorites High
  40. Jesus I Now Address Thy Throne
  41. Jesus My Advocate and King
  42. Jesus, My Hiding Place Thou Art
  43. Jesus My Mourning Soul Doth Lead
  44. Jesus, My Savior and My Lord
  45. Jesus the Great, the Mighty God
  46. Jesus, Thou God of Nations, Bend
  47. Jesus, When I Can See Thy Face
  48. Law of God Is Just, The
  49. Let All My Anxious Cares Be Gone
  50. Let All the Heavenly Hosts Rejoice
  51. Let Me Adore His Boundless Grace
  52. Let Me Lie Prostrate on the Ground
  53. Let Not the Learned and the Wise
  54. Let Others, Wrapt in Self Conceit
  55. Look O My Soul Within the Veil
  56. Look unto Me, the Savior Cries
  57. Lord, Can a Helpless Worm Like Me
  58. Lord, Captivate My Every Thought
  59. Lord, I Confess My Guilt and Shame
  60. Lord, I’m a Faint, a Feeble Worm
  61. Lord, Is Not My Soul’s Desire
  62. Lord of Lords and King of Kings, The
  63. Lord, Search and Try This Heart of Mine
  64. Lord, ’tis Enough, at Length I Own
  65. Lord, What Am I Without Thy Love
  66. My God, for I Can call Thee Mine
  67. My Life Declines, My Strength Is Gone
  68. My Soul, What Dost Thou Here
  69. No Man, Nor Angel, Can Compare
  70. No More of Works I Vainly Boast
  71. Now Let My Soul Adore and Praise
  72. Now Shall My Soul Adore the Grace
  73. Now Whilst I Try My Heart
  74. O Could I Find Some Peaceful Bower
  75. O God, How Mournful Is My Case
  76. O Happy Souls That Love the Lord
  77. O Let Jehovah’s Liberal Hand
  78. O Soul Reviving Word
  79. O What a Vain and Empty World Is This
  80. Of Rest I Hear, of Rest I Talk
  81. Oft Has My Soul in Secret Blest
  82. Rain Descends, the Tempests Rise, The
  83. Rapid My Days and Months Run On
  84. Remember Me, Thou Great I Am
  85. Riches Immense Are in My Hand
  86. Salvation’s Work Is Done
  87. Say, Is This Wild, Corrupted Nation?
  88. Show Me the Souls to Doubt Exposed
  89. Take Courage, O My Soul, and Rest
  90. Tell Me No More of Earthly Toys
  91. Thanks to Thy Name, Thou God of Love
  92. Thee Will I Love, My Dearest Lord
  93. Thine Anger, Lord, How Short the Stay
  94. This Blessing, Lord, to Me Impart
  95. This Promise Is to Sinners Made
  96. This Wretched Heart Will Still Back­slide
  97. Thou Art Acquainted with My Heart
  98. Thou God of Justice and of Grace
  99. Though I of Sinners Am the Chief
  100. ’Tis My Beloved’s Awful Voice
  101. To God I’d Seek in Each Distress
  102. To Him That Brought Sal­va­tion Nigh
  103. To Him, to Him, Whose Love Hath Wrought
  104. To Thee, Again, My Gracious God
  105. To Thee, My God, I Make My Moan
  106. To Us, to Us a Child Is Born
  107. Tremble, My Soul, Fall Down Before
  108. Triune God Above, The
  109. Turn, O My Soul, from Moses Turn
  110. Unfertile Intricate and Strange
  111. When Will My Sweet Release Be Signed?
  112. Where Is the Understanding Heart?
  113. Who Is This Heavenly Person?
  114. Why Do I Thus Complain?
  115. Why, O My Soul, Those Gloomy Fears?
  116. Why Should the Dread of Sinful Man
  117. Why, Thus Cast Down, My Soul?
  118. Without the Aid of Sovereign Grace
  119. Ye Highly Favored, Who Profess