Ju­ly 31, 1865, Rush­ville, Il­li­nois.

Jan­u­a­ry 13, 1919, Mi­a­mi, Flo­ri­da.

Margaret was a member of the Iowa Holiness Association. She and her husband, songwriter John Harris, were active in holiness revivals and camp meetings, and they were song evangelists at the 1901 General Holiness Convention in Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois. Margaret played the organ to accompany the duets she sang with her husband; the Epworth Organ and Piano Com­pa­ny provided an organ free of charge for their evangelistic campaigns. In addition, Margaret was known as an effective preacher with strong messages. Her works in­clude:

  1. Cross Jordan Today
  2. He Took My Sins Away
  3. I Will Praise Him
  4. I’ve Pitched My Tent in Beulah
  5. Oh, It Is Wonderful!
  6. Old Story, The
  7. Old-Time Religion, The
  8. Room at the Foun­tain
  9. Tell the Glad Story Again