Late 19th Century

Harrington belonged to the Advent Christian denomination.

  1. Awake and Watch
  2. Beautiful Thought from Holy Word
  3. Brightly Gleams the Golden Morning
  4. By Faith We View Our Promised Home
  5. Children, Tell the Wondrous Story
  6. Come to the House of God
  7. For Jesus’ Sake, ’Tis Thus We Pray
  8. Go Tell the Gospel Story
  9. Ho, Everyone That Thirsteth
  10. I Come, I Come, O Lord to Thee
  11. In God We Trust
  12. Into Pastures Fresh and Green
  13. Lord of the Morning Hour
  14. Not Here, Not Here
  15. O Sing the Sweet, Sweet Story of Jesus
  16. Upward to Thee Our Eyes Are Turning
  17. We Are Waiting for the Long Expected Day
  18. We Have Heard of a Land That Is Fair and Bright