June 13, 1861, Somersworth, New Hampshire.

November 14, 1953, Berkeley, California.

Indian Hill Cemetery, Middletown, Connecticut.


Karl was the son of Cal­vin S. Har­ring­ton and Eli­za Chase, and husband of Jennie Eliza Can­field.

He earned his AB degree in 1882, and his AM in 1885, from Wes­ley­an University, Mid­dletown, Con­nec­ti­cut. He studied at the University of Berl­in (1887–89) and Yale Un­i­ver­si­ty (1890–91).

He taught high school in West­field, Mas­sa­chu­setts (1882–85); Latin at Wes­ley­an Academy in Wil­br­aham, Mas­sa­chusetts (1885–87); was a Latin tutor at Wes­ley­an University (1889–91); Latin professor at the University of North Car­o­li­na, Chapel Hill (1891–99); University of Maine (1899–1905); and Wes­ley­an University (1905). While at the University of North Car­o­li­na, he directed the Glee Club. His works include:

  1. Beyond the Smiling and the Weeping
  2. Christmas Song
  3. Copeland
  4. Evanston
  5. Middletown
  6. Moore
  7. Orono
  8. Palm Sunday
  9. Parker
  10. Praise
  11. Worship
  12. Weinacht