Catherine Hankey

January 12, 1834, Clapham, Middlesex, England.

May 9, 1911, Westminster, London, England.

Daughter of banker’s Thomas Hankey, Katherine (known to her friends as Kate) belonged to an evangelical group known as the Clapham Sect, led by William Wilberforce; the group was mainly known for its anti-slavery and pro-missionary stances. While still a teenager, Hankey taught Sunday school for girls. Later, she traveled to South Africa to be a nurse, and to help her invalid brother.

In her early 30’s, Hankey contracted a severe illness. During her protracted recovery, she wrote a long poem about Jesus. It is in two parts, with the first, 50 stanzas in length, asking about Him, and the second answering the question. I Love to Tell the Story and Tell Me the Old, Old Story both come from this poem.

As of 1881, Hankey was living with her unmarried brother Reginald at 78 Ebury Street, London, Middlesex.

  1. Advent Tells Us, Christ Is Near
  2. I Love to Tell the Story
  3. I Saw Him Leave His Father’s Throne
  4. Tell Me the Old, Old Story