Sep­tem­ber 1, 1831, Ellington, Con­nec­ti­cut.

Au­gust 14, 1910.

Cedar Hill Ce­me­te­ry, Hartford, Con­nec­ti­cut.

Edward was the son of Elijah Hammond and Esther Griswold Hammond, and husband of Eliza Overton Hammond. He was converted when he heard Alas, and Did My Savior Bleed. He was educated at various American schools, and finished his theological education in Edinburgh, Scotland. In Scotland, he started to preach in places with no Christian activity, and he could see fruit of his work. At the end of 1861 he returned to America and preached in Chicago, Illinois, where he met Dwight Moody. In 1866 he and his wife traveled to Egypt, Palestine and Europe. While in Palestine, he wrote the hymn Gethsemane. He was very fond of preaching to the children, and was called The Children’s Evangelist. His works in­clude:

  1. Although a Child, I’ve Often Sought
  2. Blessed Jesus, How I Love Thee
  3. Christian, Go and Tell Jesus
  4. Come to Jesus, Come to Jesus
  5. Dear Jesus, I to Thee Would Come
  6. Dear Jesus, Now I Trust I’m Thine
  7. Dear Jesus, We Would Look to Thee
  8. Dear Savior, Now, to Thee I Turn
  9. Dear Savior, Open Wide the Gate
  10. Gethsemane
  11. Give to Jesus, Give to Jesus
  12. I Am Coming, I Am Coming to My Savior
  13. I Can Sing with All My Heart
  14. I Love the Lord My God Because
  15. I Love the Precious Bible
  16. I Once Was in the Miry Clay
  17. I Stand Approved Before the Throne
  18. I’m Going Straight to Jesus’ Arms
  19. I’m Thinking of My Sins
  20. In Pilate’s House Behold
  21. In the House of God This Hour
  22. I’ve Cast My Deadly Doing Down
  23. Jesus Christ Has Bled and Died
  24. Jesus Died on Calvary’s Mountain
  25. Jesus from His Throne on High
  26. Jesus, I Am Happy Now
  27. Jesus on the Cross I Saw
  28. Little Child I Pray, A
  29. Lo the Loving Jesus Standeth
  30. Look, Look to Jesus!
  31. Looking Only to Jesus, the Crucified One
  32. Lord, Grant That We by Faith May See
  33. My Savior Loves Me, This I Know
  34. My Sins Appear in Dark Array
  35. Now the Book I Love to Read
  36. O God, We Need Thy Mighty Power
  37. O Lord, Have Mercy on My Soul
  38. O Lord, How Can I Come to Thee?
  39. O Lord, We Come at Thy Command
  40. Praise the Lord, He’s Pardoned Me
  41. Precious Jesus, He Is Mine
  42. Savior Died, but Still He Lives, The
  43. Second Time, He Shall Appear, The
  44. Singing All the Time
  45. Sinners, Will You Hear of Jesus?
  46. Son of God o’er Sinners Weeps, The
  47. Teach Us, O Lord, How Weak We Are
  48. Thou Hast Taught Us, Dear Jesus
  49. Thou Spirit of All Grace
  50. Until I Heard of Jesus’ Love
  51. When I Read of Little Ones
  52. Why Art Thou, My Soul, Cast Down?
  53. Within the Kedron’s Rocky Dell
  54. Yes, My Child, ’Tis Thee I Love