Sep­tem­ber 1, 1831, Ell­ing­ton, Con­nec­ti­cut.

Au­gust 14, 1910.

Ce­dar Hill Ce­me­te­ry, Hart­ford, Con­nec­ti­cut.

Edward was the son of Eli­jah Ham­mond and Es­ther Gris­wold, and hus­band of Eli­za Over­ton.

He was convert­ed when he heard Alas, and Did My Sav­ior Bleed. He was ed­u­cat­ed at var­i­ous Am­er­i­can schools, and fin­ished his the­o­lo­gic­al ed­u­ca­tion in Ed­in­burgh, Scot­land.

In Scot­land, he start­ed preach­ing in plac­es with no Chris­tian ac­ti­vi­ty, and he could see fruit of his work.

At the end of 1861 he re­turned to Am­er­i­ca and preached in Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois, where he met Dwight Moo­dy.

In 1866 he and his wife tra­veled to Egypt, Pal­es­tine and Eur­ope. While in Pal­es­tine, he wrote the hymn Geth­se­ma­ne.

He was ve­ry fond of preach­ing to child­ren, and was called The Child­ren’s Ev­an­gel­ist.

His works in­clude:

  1. Although a Child, I’ve Oft­en Sought
  2. Blessed Je­sus, How I Love Thee
  3. Christian, Go and Tell Je­sus
  4. Come to Je­sus, Come to Je­sus
  5. Dear Je­sus, I to Thee Would Come
  6. Dear Je­sus, Now I Trust I’m Thine
  7. Dear Je­sus, We Would Look to Thee
  8. Dear Sav­ior, Now, to Thee I Turn
  9. Dear Sav­ior, Open Wide the Gate
  10. Gethsemane
  11. Give to Je­sus, Give to Je­sus
  12. I Am Com­ing, I Am Com­ing to My Sav­ior
  13. I Can Sing with All My Heart
  14. I Love the Lord My God Be­cause
  15. I Love the Pre­cious Bi­ble
  16. I Once Was in the Mi­ry Clay
  17. I Stand Ap­proved Be­fore the Throne
  18. I’m Go­ing Straight to Je­sus’ Arms
  19. I’m Think­ing of My Sins
  20. In Pi­late’s House Be­hold
  21. In the House of God This Hour
  22. I’ve Cast My Dead­ly Do­ing Down
  23. Jesus Christ Has Bled and Died
  24. Jesus Died on Cal­va­ry’s Moun­tain
  25. Jesus from His Throne on High
  26. Jesus, I Am Hap­py Now
  27. Jesus on the Cross I Saw
  28. Little Child I Pray, A
  29. Lo the Lov­ing Je­sus Stand­eth
  30. Look, Look to Je­sus!
  31. Looking On­ly to Jesus, the Cru­ci­fied One
  32. Lord, Grant That We by Faith May See
  33. My Sav­ior Loves Me, This I Know
  34. My Sins Ap­pear in Dark Ar­ray
  35. Now the Book I Love to Read
  36. O God, We Need Thy Migh­ty Pow­er
  37. O Lord, Have Mer­cy on My Soul
  38. O Lord, How Can I Come to Thee?
  39. O Lord, We Come at Thy Com­mand
  40. Praise the Lord, He’s Par­doned Me
  41. Precious Je­sus, He Is Mine
  42. Savior Died, but Still He Lives, The
  43. Second Time, He Shall Ap­pear, The
  44. Singing All the Time
  45. Sinners, Will You Hear of Je­sus?
  46. Son of God o’er Sin­ners Weeps, The
  47. Teach Us, O Lord, How Weak We Are
  48. Thou Hast Taught Us, Dear Je­sus
  49. Thou Spir­it of All Grace
  50. Until I Heard of Je­sus’ Love
  51. When I Read of Lit­tle Ones
  52. Why Art Thou, My Soul, Cast Down?
  53. Within the Ked­ron’s Roc­ky Dell
  54. Yes, My Child, ’Tis Thee I Love