1691, Coun­ty Ty­rone, Ire­land.

Hamilton en­tered Tri­ni­ty Col­lege, Dub­lin, in 1708, at age 16, but (as was com­mon in those days) left with­out ob­tain­ing a de­gree.

He was George Han­del’s li­bret­tist for three works: Al­ex­an­der’s Feast (1736), Sam­son (1743), and the Oc­ca­sion­al Or­a­to­rio (1746).

His com­e­dy The Pet­ti­coat-Plot­ter was pre­sent­ed at Dru­ry Lane in 1712 and The Doat­ing Lov­ers; or, the Li­ber­tine pre­miered at Lin­coln’s Inn Fields The­a­tre in 1715.

  1. Awake the Trum­pet’s Lof­ty Sound