July 6, 1794, London, England.

July 18, 1848, possibly in Leeds, England.

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Hamilton’s parents were minister Frederick Hamilton of Brighton and his wife Martha. He was educated at a preparatory school at Hammersmith, subsequently an academy at Newport, Isle of Wight, then at Mill Hill School and Hoxton College. In 1809 he drew up a solemn covenant, devoting himself to the service of his Creator. In 1810 he entered as a student for the ministry at Hoxton Independent College, and was speedily placed in the highest class of humane letters. He early began to preach, and when only 19 was chosen to deliver the anniversary oration at the college chapel, Hoxton. In January 1815 he was chosen minister of Albion Independent Chapel, Leeds, and became a popular preacher. He later moved to Belgrave, in Leeds, where he was pastor until his death.

Hamilton contributed hymns to Clapham’s Leeds Sunday School Union Hymn Book, 1833; Leifchild’s Original Hymns, 1842; and the Leeds Hymn Book, 1853. His works include:

  1. Holy Song Hath Died Away, The
  2. I Was Often Told My Need
  3. Now All Chafing Cares Shall Cease
  4. O Where Is the Land of the Blest?
  5. Stars, That Did Herald In, or Mark the Night
  6. Though Poor in Lot and Scorned in Name

Hamilton’s place of death or burial