May 22, 1816, Maidstone, Kent, Eng­land.

Feb­ru­a­ry 18, 1902, Vine House, Hampstead, Eng­land.

Abney Park Ce­me­te­ry, London, Eng­land.


Son of John Vine Hall, Newman was educated at Totteridge School; Highbury College, London; and the Un­i­ver­si­ty of London (BA 1841, LL.B. 1856). From 1842–54, he was minister of Albion Church, Hull. Starting in 1854, he directed Surrey Chapel and its successor, Christ Church, Westminster. He was also chairman of the Con­gre­ga­tion­al Union of England and Wales in 1876. He published several prose works and numerous tracts, including Come to Jesus:

He went out one evening from a dinner party to preach to a throng who had gathered in the street. A primitive Methodist was singing to the crowd that familiar ditty, Come to Jesus just now. Mr. Hall caught up the words and extemporized a powerful exhortation on the spot. He repeated it to his own congregation. Soon afterwards, being confined to his room by a long illness, he recalled the discourse and determined to turn it into a short practical treatise for inquirers after salvation. He wrote it out in the fewest and simplest words possible, and his brother, Mr. Warren Hall, printed two thousand copies for distribution. Such was the origin of that wonderful tract, Come to Jesus, which has already been circulated in thirty different languages to the number of three million five hundred thousand copies.

Nutter, p. 72

Hall’s other works in­clude:

  1. Accepting, Lord, Thy Gracious Call
  2. Christ the Foun­tain
  3. Come to Jesus! Friend of Sinners
  4. Come, Lord, to Earth Again
  5. Day Again Is Dawning
  6. Fountain of Purity
  7. Friend of Sinners, Lord of Glory
  8. God Bless Our Dear Old England
  9. Hallelujah, Joyful Raise
  10. I Know Who Makes the Daisies
  11. I Want to Live and Be a Man
  12. I’ve Wandered Far from Home
  13. Lord, We Do Not Ask to Know
  14. Lord, We Obey Thy Kind Command
  15. O for the Love, the Perfect Love
  16. O Jesus, Who to Favored Friend
  17. To Arms! To Arms! Ye Soldiers!
  18. To David’s Son, Hosanna
  19. We Pray for Those Who Do Not Pray