November 4, 1866, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

November 29, 1930, at the home of his brother Walter in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Northwood Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (an unmarked plot in the Ivy section of the cemetery).

Hall graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania; he later received an honorary Doctor of Music degree from Harriman University. He wrote cantatas, oratorios, choir anthems, and hundreds of Gospel songs, and edited several hymnals. He was apparently an exceptional song leader and choral conductor, and, with Irvin Mack, founded the Hall-Mack Publishing Company (later bought by the Rodeheaver Company). Hall said once that the tune for Does Jesus Care? was his most inspired piece of music. He was a member of the 7th Street Methodist Episcopal Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His works include:

  1. At the Cross
  2. Beautiful Christmas
  3. Cares and Toils of Life May Come, The
  4. Ever Singing
  5. Guide Me, Savior
  6. Have Thine Own Way
  7. Higher Life, A
  8. I Am Ready for Service
  9. I Have Joy and Glory and My Heart Is Light
  10. I Need the Power of Pentecost
  11. It’s Only Going Home
  12. I’ve Been Doubting, Blessed Savior
  13. Jesus, My Savior, Left Heaven Above
  14. Jesus Saves
  15. Listen to the Master’s Pleading
  16. Lord, Thou Knowest All My Need
  17. Message of Christmas Time
  18. My All Is on the Altar
  19. My Life, O Lord, to Thee I Now Surrender
  20. O Blessed Lord, to Thee I’m Coming
  21. O Jesus, My Savior
  22. Oft I Steal Out in the Twilight
  23. Ripe Is the Harvest
  24. Room for Me in Pastures
  25. Sitting at the Feet of Jesus
  26. Some Day I Shall Be Like Him
  27. Speak a Good Word for Jesus
  28. There Is Rest at the Cross
  29. There’s a Friend We Love
  30. Though Dark the Path May Sometimes Seem
  31. Though the Skies Are Gray All Along Your Way
  32. We Are Drifting o’er to the Golden Shore
  33. We Gather in Thy Name
  34. When I View the Open Fountain
  35. Why Stand Ye Here Idle?
  36. Witness of the Spirit, The
  1. All Taken Away
  2. Angels’ Chorus, The
  3. Aotearoa
  4. At Bethlehem
  5. Awake and Sing
  6. Beaming Bright
  7. Beautiful Christmas Tide
  8. Beautiful City
  9. Beautiful Eastertide
  10. Beautiful Lilies
  11. Beautiful Story
  12. Bells, The
  13. Bréguet
  14. Does Jesus Care?
  15. Clifton
  16. Easter Bells, The
  17. Fairest Flower, The
  18. For God So Loved the World
  19. Glorious Freedom
  20. Hallelujah, Hallelujah
  21. Happy in the Love of Jesus
  22. Have Ye Been to Nazareth?
  23. He Is Mine
  24. Hear the Happy Voices Ringing
  25. Hear the Merry Laughter
  26. Jesus Reigns
  27. Lift Up Your Voices
  28. Light from the Tomb
  29. Lompoc
  30. Mankato
  31. March On!
  32. Merrily, Cheerily
  33. Message of the Bells, The
  34. Mine, Still Mine
  35. No More Shall We Say Goodbye
  36. Noord
  37. Oh Be Ready!
  38. On Eastern Plain Reclining
  39. Redemption
  40. Roses Are Blooming
  41. Satisfied
  42. See the Army
  43. Send Out the Tidings
  44. Serve the Lord in Youth
  45. Shepherds, The
  46. Shout! Shout for Joy
  47. Smiling Flowers, The
  48. Song of the Shepherds
  49. Star of the East
  50. Sweet Smiling Rose
  51. Tell of Love
  52. Twine Your Blossoms
  53. Victory
  54. When in Thy Courts I Stand
  55. Win the World for Christ
  56. Ye Happy Bells
  57. Zhejiang