Sep­tem­ber 28, 1839, Mc­Minn Coun­ty, Ten­nes­see.

May 4, 1904, Ath­ens, Ten­nes­see.

West­view Ce­me­te­ry, At­lan­ta, Geor­gia.

Winston was the son of Frank­ford Wash­ing­ton Haf­ley and Ju­dith Bed­ford, and hus­band of Eliz­a­beth Ble­vins.

In 1880, he was in Ath­ens, Ten­nes­see, an agent for a sew­ing ma­chine com­pa­ny. By 1900, he was liv­ing in Ful­ton Coun­ty, Geor­gia.

  1. Beyond the Gold­en Sun­set Sky
  2. Bible in the Ca­bin by the Sea, The
  3. Children May Work for the Mas­ter
  4. Come, Dear Wife, and Kneel Be­side Me
  5. Dear Savior, I Love Thee
  6. Fainting and Fam­ish­ing Out in the De­sert
  7. Far Be­yond the Roll­ing Jor­dan
  8. Haste Thee, Chris­tian, Haste
  9. I Want to Be a Wor­ker for the Lord
  10. List, the Christ­mas Bells Are Ring­ing
  11. Little Child Shall Lead, A
  12. Long I Wan­dered from the Sav­ior
  13. O the Good We All May Do
  14. O That Land of the Blest
  15. Sailor on the Track­less Ocean
  16. See, the Storm Is Rag­ing
  17. Sinner, Hear the Voice of Je­sus
  18. Sinner, Jesus Is Call­ing for Thee
  19. Soon the Sav­ior Will Be Coming
  20. There’s a Ci­ty That Is Far, Far Away
  21. There’s a Land of Pure D­elight
  22. When the Bil­lows Roll the High­est