February 11, 1841, Malta, Ohio.

December 5, 1903, Staten Island, New York.

Fountain Cemetery, West New Brighton, New York.


Henry was the son of William Hadley and Jane Riddle. In the American civil war, he enlisted in Company H, 90th Ohio Infantry. He was rose through the ranks to Brevet Lieutenant Colonel, but in Tennessee his leg was shattered and almost amputated, leading to his discharge.

Hadley admitted learning to gamble and drink during the war, but afterward, devoted himself to abstinence and rescue work with the National Christian Abstainers Union in New York. His works include:

  1. Have You Ever Heard How Jesus Walked?
  2. I’ll Feed on Husks No More
  3. I’m Going Back to Jesus
  4. O How I Love my Savior
  5. Our Savior Can the Drunkard Save
  6. Religion Makes Me Happy
  7. There Are Many Priceless Jewels
  8. When Noah Bade the Ark Farewell
  9. Warning Voice, a Solemn Call, A
  10. While I in Sin Was Wandering
  11. Who Will Come to Christ?