Ju­ly 15, 1820, Cuby with Tregony, Cornwall.

March 21, 1887, Bath, Eng­land.

Church of St. Cuby Tregony

Educated for the legal profession, Gurney was called to the bar at the Middle Temple, but the Bishop of Exeter ordained him a deacon in 1849, and priest in 1850. He was appointed one of the Bodleian Lecturers at Exeter, and in March 1852, became Curate of St. Mary, Crown Street, Soho Square, London. He also served as Curate of Buckingham (1854–58) and Chaplain of the English congregation, Cour des Coches, Paris (1858–71). His works in­clude:

  1. Awful Noontide Gloom Is O’er, The
  2. Christ Is Risen! Christ Is Risen!
  3. Come, Ye Lofty
  4. Day of Pentecost, The
  5. Memory of the Blest Departed
  6. High Above a Star Is Shining
  7. Now to God on High Be Glory
  8. Silence in the House of Prayer
  1. Chesham

Gurney’s burial place