March 25, 1817, Chard, Somerset, England.

May 21, 1886, Ealing, London, England.

Blessed Virgin Mary Churchyard, Chard, Somerset, England.


Gunn was educated at Mill Hill School and the University of London and Coward College (1834–39). He held pastorates at Basingstoke, Hampshire (1842–45); Alton, Hampshire (1845–48); Warminster (1848–70); and Sevenoaks, Kent (1873–80), and was chairman of the Wiltshire and East Somerset Congregational Union for many years. He published various works, chiefly descriptive of the Non-Conformist Churches and their principles, including his 1853 History of Nonconformity in Warminster. Besides translating some of the earlier Greek and Latin hymns for the Excelsior, edited by James Hamilton, he wrote many hymns.

  1. Higher, Higher to the Cross
  2. Our Fathers Were High Minded Men
  3. To Realms Beyond the Sounding Sea
  4. We Want No Priest but Jesus

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