Au­gust 11, 1835, Kingstown in Taney, Dublin, Ireland.

Died: June 21, 1910, Bath, Eng­land.

Abbey Ce­me­te­ry, Bath, Eng­land.


Son of Captain John Guiness, Henry was an Irish Protestant preacher and author, and the great evangelist of the Evangelical Awakening; He preached during the Ulster Revival of 1859, drawing thousands to hear him. He offered to join the China Inland Mission founded by James Hudson Taylor in 1865, but took Taylor’s advice and continued his work in London.

In March 1873, Guiness and his wife Fanny started the East London Missionary Training Institute (also called Harley College) at Harley House in Bromley-by-Bow, East End of London, with just six students. The school went on to train 1,330 missionaries for 30 societies of 30 denominations. It was so successful that it needed a larger home, and in 1883, Elizabeth Hulme offered Guinness Cliff House near Curbar, Derbyshire. Harley College was renamed Hulme Cliff College; now known as Cliff College, it continues to this day, training and equipping Christians for missions and evangelism.

Guinness founded the Livingstone Inland Mission in 1877, the Congo-Baolo Mission in 1888, and in 1898 began the Regions Beyond Missionary Union.

  1. Crowned with Thorns upon the Tree
  2. Church of the Living God, Awake
  3. How Beautiful the Savior’s Feet
  4. I Will Trust!
  5. Thou Art My Joy, Lord Jesus
  6. Yes, Thou Art Mine, My Blessèd Lord
  1. Savior, Long Thy Saints Have Waited