Sep­tem­ber 8, 1783, Udby, Zealand, Denmark.

Sep­tem­ber 2, 1872, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Sep­tem­ber 11, 1872. After a funeral at Vor Frelsers Church in Copenhagen, the coffin was taken by train to the town of Køge. The burial site was about three kilometers outside town, at the farm of Gl. Køgegaard, in a garden named Claras Have.


Grundtvig earned his theology degree from the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Copenhagen, but was not destined for the life of a pastor. He was ordained in 1811, but the outcry from two early, controversial sermons caused him to abandon the pulpit in favor of a chaplaincy at a women’s home. However, he wrote profusely, producing works on Norse mythology and over 1,000 hymns. Grundtvig became a bishop in 1861, but never received a diocese.

  1. Dejlig er den himmel blå
  2. Det Kimer Nu Til Jule-Fest
  3. Guds Ord det er vort Arvergods
  4. I Know a Flower So Fair and Fine
  5. Kirken Den Er Gammelt Hus
  6. Peace to Soothe Our Bitter Woes
  7. Som Hønen klukker mindelig