August 12, 1791, London, England.

August 6, 1856, London, England.

Son of a Baptist minister, Groser became in 1813 pastor of a small Baptist church at Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire. In 1819, he moved to Battle, Sussex; in 1820 to Maidstone, Kent; and in 1839 to London, where he lived the rest of his life. For some years, after 1839, he edited The Baptist Magazine, and for the last five years of his life was Secretary of the Baptist Irish Society. His works include:

  1. Brothers, Come, Your Labors Leaving
  2. Joyous Song Once More We Bring, A
  3. O’er the Waters, Dark and Drear
  4. Praise the Redeemer, Almighty to Save
  5. Savior, Lord, We Bow Before Thee
  6. Song of Spring Once More We Sing, A
  7. Spirit of Truth, Celestial Fire
  8. Sunny Days of Childhood
  9. ’Tis Silence All Beside the Lake
  10. Whither Can a Sinner Flee?