Mrs. W. R. Griswold

Born: Canada.

Died: May 22, 1903, Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois.

Buried: Rose­hill Ce­me­te­ry, Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois.

Pseudonym: Paulina.

Sophia was the wife of Dr. Will­iam R. Gris­wold. Her name is some­times gi­ven (ap­par­ent­ly in er­ror) as Mrs. E. W. Gris­wold.

  1. Are We Like the Fig Tree
  2. As the Blood of Je­sus Cleans­eth
  3. Aye, We Will Join the Val­iant
  4. Be Not Wea­ry in Well Do­ing
  5. Beautiful An­gel on Pin­ions of Light
  6. Beautiful Star of Morn­ing
  7. Blessed and Ho­ly One
  8. Brothers and Sis­ters, a Joy­ous Lay
  9. Come from the Hill­top, the Vale, and the Glen
  10. Come, O Bless­ed Sav­ior
  11. Come to the Wed­ding, Je­sus, Friend
  12. Dawn on Our Vi­sion, O Ci­ty of Light
  13. Early, Ear­ly Let Our Songs As­cend
  14. Faint, Yet Pur­su­ing
  15. Five Lit­tle Pairs
  16. Follow Thou Me
  17. Freddie Came Down from a Chest­nut Tree
  18. Gird Ye for the Toil­some Day
  19. God Hath Spok­en Thus To­day
  20. Grant Us, Our Sav­ior, the Love
  21. Hail, the Bless­ed Sab­bath Morn­ing
  22. He Called Them of Old
  23. Here Are the Ber­ries I Plucked
  24. Hold Fast Till I Come
  25. Hurrah, for the Morn­ing of Morn­ings
  26. I Am Learn­ing My Les­son
  27. I Know in Whom I Have Be­lieved, and Bless Him
  28. I Know Not the Way to the Beau­ti­ful Gate
  29. I Shall Go to Thee, My Sav­ior
  30. I Will Love Je­sus
  31. I Will Re­joice When I Hear
  32. In the House of God Is a Ga­thered Band
  33. In the Nar­row Streets
  34. Lamb Is the Light There­of, The
  35. Let Me Go to the Hea­ven­ly Ca­naan
  36. Let Me Kiss You, Fa­ther
  37. Life Is an Ocean, and Each Has His Bark
  38. List, the Di­sc­iple Band, Lord
  39. Little Flow­er­et, Press Thy Way
  40. Little Thought Sa­ma­ra’s Daugh­ter
  41. Look on the Bright Side
  42. Lord, Help Me, the Shriek
  43. Mid the Pas­tures Green of the Bless­ed Isles
  44. Never from Thee Will We Stray
  45. O Build­ers, Haste to the Rock Away
  46. O Come, Chris­tian Teach­er
  47. O Come, for the Mas­ter Is Call­ing
  48. O Dread on the Moun­tains
  49. O Haste to the Res­cue
  50. O Master, Have Mer­cy for Por­tent
  51. O Mo­ther, Will You Go with Me Now?
  52. O Soul, Come to the Mer­cy Seat
  53. O Spirit, O’er­whelmed by Thy Fail­ures and Fears
  54. O the Morn­ing, Bless­ed
  55. One, Who Well Know­eth the Evils
  56. Only a Pen­ny Apiece
  57. Onward, Still On­ward, the Path­way Is Straight
  58. Praise Him in His Hal­lowed Dwell­ing
  59. Spirit Passed from the Dun­geon’s Gloom, The
  60. There Are Un­seen Bands of An­gels
  61. There Flowed a Lit­tle Trou­bled Stream
  62. There Is Ne­ver a Sor­row
  63. There Was Glo­ry on the Moun­tain
  64. There Were Ring­ing Notes
  65. There’s a Home for Us Above
  66. There’s a Man­sion o’er the Ri­ver
  67. There’s a Star That Shines on the Blest High­way
  68. They Are Com­ing to the Sav­ior
  69. They Come to Us from Free­dom’s Land
  70. They Said I Was a Naugh­ty Boy
  71. This Life Is an Ocean
  72. Thou Know­est How Each Word of Thine
  73. Up and Be Do­ing
  74. Upon the House, No De­lay, No Pause
  75. We Are Go­ing Home, When the Toil­some Day
  76. We May Tell in Ear­ly Spring
  77. We Press On
  78. We Think of Those, Dear Sav­ior
  79. We’re Go­ing Home To­mor­row
  80. We’re Sol­diers on Duty
  81. Whatsoe’er Thy Lot May Be
  82. When the Heart Is Pressed
  83. When the Morn Is Bright and Fair
  84. When the Morn Is Bright­ly Glow­ing
  85. Who’s on the Lord’s Side?
  86. Work for Your Mas­ter, Work While You May
  87. Work in God’s Vine­yard