Mrs. W. R. Griswold


May 22, 1903, Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois.

Rose­hill Ce­me­te­ry, Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois.


Griswold’s husband was Dr. William R. Griswold. Her name is sometimes given (apparently in error) as Mrs. E. W. Griswold.

  1. Are We Like the Fig Tree
  2. As the Blood of Jesus Cleanseth
  3. Aye, We Will Join the Valiant
  4. Be Not Weary in Well Doing
  5. Beautiful Angel on Pinions of Light
  6. Beautiful Star of Morning
  7. Blessed and Holy One
  8. Brothers and Sisters, a Joyous Lay
  9. Come from the Hilltop, the Vale, and the Glen
  10. Come, O Blessed Savior
  11. Come to the Wedding, Jesus, Friend
  12. Dawn on Our Vision, O City of Light
  13. Early, Early Let Our Songs Ascend
  14. Faint, Yet Pursuing
  15. Five Little Pairs
  16. Follow Thou Me
  17. Freddie Came Down from a Chestnut Tree
  18. Gird Ye for the Toilsome Day
  19. God Hath Spoken Thus Today
  20. Grant Us, Our Savior, the Love
  21. Hail, the Blessed Sabbath Morning
  22. He Called Them of Old
  23. Here Are the Berries I Plucked
  24. Hold Fast Till I Come
  25. Hurrah, for the Morning of Mornings
  26. I Am Learning My Lesson
  27. I Know in Whom I Have Believed, and Bless Him
  28. I Know Not the Way to the Beautiful Gate
  29. I Shall Go to Thee My Savior
  30. I Will Love Jesus
  31. I Will Rejoice When I Hear
  32. In the House of God Is a Gathered Band
  33. In the Narrow Streets
  34. Lamb Is the Light Thereof, The
  35. Let Me Go to the Heavenly Canaan
  36. Let Me Kiss You, Father
  37. Life Is an Ocean, and Each Has His Bark
  38. List, the Disciple Band, Lord
  39. Little Floweret, Press Thy Way
  40. Little Thought Samara’s Daughter
  41. Look on the Bright Side Keep
  42. Lord, Help Me, the Shriek
  43. Mid the Pastures Green of the Blessed Isles
  44. Never from Thee Will We Stray
  45. O Builders, Haste to the Rock Away
  46. O Come, Christian Teacher, from Shores
  47. O Come, for the Master Is Calling
  48. O Dread on the Mountains
  49. O Haste to the Rescue
  50. O Master, Have Mercy for Portent
  51. O Mother, Will You Go with Me Now?
  52. O Soul, Come to the Mercy Seat
  53. O Spirit, O’erwhelmed By Thy Failures and Fears
  54. O the Morning, Blessed
  55. One, Who Well Knoweth the Evils
  56. Only a Penny Apiece
  57. Onward, Still Onward, the Pathway Is Straight
  58. Praise Him in His Hallowed Dwelling
  59. Spirit Passed from the Dungeon’s Gloom, The
  60. There Are Unseen Bands of Angels
  61. There Flowed a Little Troubled Stream
  62. There Is Never a Sorrow
  63. There Was Glory on the Mountain
  64. There Were Ringing Notes
  65. There’s a Home for Us Above
  66. There’s a Mansion o’er the River
  67. There’s a Star That Shines on the Blest Highway
  68. They Are Coming to the Savior
  69. They Come to Us from Freedom’s Land
  70. They Said I Was a Naughty Boy
  71. This Life Is an Ocean
  72. Thou Knowest How Each Word of Thine
  73. Up and Be Doing
  74. Upon the House, No Delay, No Pause
  75. We Are Going Home, When the Toilsome Day
  76. We May Tell in Early Spring
  77. We Press On
  78. We Think of Those, Dear Savior
  79. We’re Going Home Tomorrow
  80. We’re Soldiers on Duty
  81. Whatsoe’er Thy Lot May Be
  82. When the Heart Is Pressed
  83. When the Morn Is Bright and Fair
  84. When the Morn Is Brightly Glowing
  85. Who’s on the Lord’s Side?
  86. Work for Your Master, Work While You May
  87. Work in God’s Vineyard