Grinnell be­came pas­tor of the Con­gre­ga­tion­al Church in Wayne, Il­li­nois, in the fall of 1918. For the church’s 50th an­ni­ver­sa­ry in 1921, he wrote the hymn The Lit­tle Home Church by the Way­side.

His oth­er works in­clude:

  1. Amidst the Cares and Toils of Life
  2. Beautiful Sto­ry I’ve Heard, A
  3. Blessed Pro­mise of the Sav­ior
  4. Blessed Re­deem­er, Gra­cious­ly Hear Us
  5. Can I Do His Right­eous
  6. Christ Is Wai­ting
  7. Christ Suf­fered the Child­ren to Come un­to Him
  8. Christian Sol­diers of the Roy­al Ar­my
  9. Come un­to Me, Ye Who Are
  10. Come, Wea­ry Trem­bling Soul
  11. Down at the Cross Flows
  12. Fountain of Cleans­ing Is Op­ened for Sin, A
  13. Gaily Sailed She from the Har­bor
  14. Gallant Sol­diers, Hear the Trum­pet Sound­ing
  15. Go Ye Forth in Ser­vice
  16. God Is Call­ing to Go Forth
  17. God Will Guide Thee
  18. Going Forth in Ser­vice
  19. Hark, the Bells Are Chim­ing
  20. Hark, ’Tis the Voice of Je­sus
  21. He Is Com­ing, Com­ing Quick­ly
  22. He Lead­eth Me, O Praise
  23. Hear the Won­drous Sto­ry
  24. Holy Spir­it, Light of Glo­ry, Shine
  25. I Am Cling­ing to the Cross
  26. I Am Go­ing Through with Je­sus
  27. I Am Look­ing for the Dawn­ing
  28. I Am Walk­ing with the Sav­ior
  29. I Know That All I Think
  30. I Love the Gen­tle Je­sus
  31. I Would Sing to You of Je­sus
  32. I’ve Start­ed on the Way
  33. I’ve Tried the Plea­sures
  34. In a Lit­tle While the Day
  35. Is There Any Room for Je­sus?
  36. Is There Trou­ble in Your Life?
  37. Jesus Christ Is Ev­er with Us
  38. Jesus Christ Is Now Among Us
  39. Jesus, How My Heart Is Long­ing
  40. Jesus Is Call­ing, Bro­ther, To­day
  41. Just a Lit­tle Walk with Je­sus
  42. Let Loy­al­ty the Watch­word Be
  43. Let Us Pray for One An­o­ther
  44. Like a Sheep Gone Astray
  45. Little Home Church by the Way­side, The
  46. Lo We’re Sing­ing for Je­sus
  47. Men Who Dare to Stand, The
  48. Multitude Stood in the Judg­ment Hall, The
  49. My Heart Is Filled with Won­drous Love and Joy
  50. My Hope Is Built up­on His Word
  51. My House Is Built up­on a Sol­id Rock
  52. Night on the Deep, A
  53. Night Was Dark and Filled with Gloom, The
  54. Nothing to Say for Je­sus
  55. O Fa­ther, Let Me Bear the Cross
  56. O if My House Is Built up­on a Rock
  57. O Sing un­to the Lord Prais­es For­ev­er­more
  58. O That I Had Been with Je­sus
  59. O, Throw Out the Search­light
  60. O to Be More Like Je­sus
  61. Praising the Sav­ior Blessed
  62. Precious Je­sus, O to Love Thee
  63. Remember, the Time Is Com­ing
  64. Savior In­vit­eth the Child­ren, The
  65. Savior Is Pass­ing, The
  66. Silent Voic­es Whis­per to Me
  67. Sing Out for the Joy
  68. Sowing Seeds of Kind­ness
  69. Sweet Mes­sage from Je­sus, A
  70. Tell Me Bro­ther, Faint and Wea­ry
  71. There Is a Beau­ti­ful Home
  72. There Is a Friend, a Friend You Need
  73. There Is Joy, Sweet Joy
  74. There Lies in a Qui­et and Lone­ly Church­yard
  75. There Was Ne­ver a Time
  76. There’ll Come a Time
  77. There’s a Friend I Love
  78. There’s a Roy­al Way
  79. They Tell Me the Sto­ry
  80. Time Will Come Some Hap­py Day, The
  81. ’Tis Ea­sy to Go
  82. ’Tis the Sav­ior Call­ing
  83. Toiling On, Toil­ing On
  84. Trusting in the Pro­mis­es of Christ
  85. Voice Comes Ring­ing Out, A
  86. Voice That Is Call­ing Thee, Sin­ner, The
  87. Was There Ev­er a Friend?
  88. Water of Life Is Flow­ing, The
  89. We Come to Thee, O Gra­cious Lord
  90. We Know Not What Awaits
  91. Weary and Hea­vy, The
  92. When the Cares of Life
  93. Why Not Come to Je­sus
  94. Will You Be Rea­dy When
  95. Would You Know the Love of Je­sus?
  96. You Have Heard the Gos­pel
  1. Kodiak