Grinnell became pastor of the Congregational Church in Wayne, Illinois, in the fall of 1918. For the church’s 50th anniversary in 1921, he wrote the hymn The Little Home Church By the Wayside. His other works include:

  1. Amidst the Cares and Toils of Life
  2. Beautiful Story I’ve Heard, A
  3. Blessed Promise of the Savior
  4. Blessed Redeemer, Graciously Hear Us
  5. Can I Do His Righteous
  6. Christ Is Waiting
  7. Christ Suffered the Children to Come unto Him
  8. Christian Soldiers of the Royal Army
  9. Come unto Me, Ye Who Are
  10. Come, Weary Trembling Soul
  11. Down at the Cross Flows
  12. Fountain of Cleansing Is Opened for Sin, A
  13. Gaily Sailed She from the Harbor
  14. Gallant Soldiers, Hear the Trumpet Sounding
  15. Go Ye Forth in Service
  16. God Is Calling to Go Forth
  17. God Will Guide Thee
  18. Going Forth in Service
  19. Hark, the Bells Are Chiming
  20. Hark, ’Tis the Voice of Jesus
  21. He Is Coming, Coming Quickly
  22. He Leadeth Me, O Praise
  23. Hear the Wondrous Story
  24. Holy Spirit, Light of Glory, Shine
  25. I Am Clinging to the Cross
  26. I Am Going Through with Jesus
  27. I Am Looking for the Dawning
  28. I Am Walking with the Savior
  29. I Know That All I Think
  30. I Love the Gentle Jesus
  31. I Would Sing to You of Jesus
  32. I’ve Started on the Way
  33. I’ve Tried the Pleasures
  34. In a Little While the Day
  35. Is There Any Room for Jesus
  36. Is There Trouble in Your Life?
  37. Jesus Christ Is Ever with Us, Only Believe
  38. Jesus Christ Is Now Among Us
  39. Jesus, How My Heart Is Longing
  40. Jesus Is Calling, Brother, Today
  41. Just a Little Walk with Jesus
  42. Let Loyalty the Watchword Be
  43. Let Us Pray for One Another
  44. Like a Sheep Gone Astray
  45. Little Home Church by the Wayside, The
  46. Lo We’re Singing for Jesus
  47. Men Who Dare to Stand, The
  48. Multitude Stood in the Judgment Hall, The
  49. My Heart Is Filled with Wondrous Love and Joy
  50. My Hope Is Built upon His Word
  51. My House Is Built upon a Solid Rock
  52. Night on the Deep, A
  53. Night Was Dark and Filled with Gloom, The
  54. Nothing to Say for Jesus
  55. O Father, Let Me Bear the Cross
  56. O if My House Is Built upon a Rock
  57. O Sing unto the Lord Praises Forevermore
  58. O That I Had Been with Jesus
  59. O, Throw Out the Searchlight
  60. O to Be More Like Jesus
  61. Praising the Savior Blessed
  62. Precious Jesus, O to Love Thee
  63. Remember the Time Is Coming
  64. Savior Inviteth the Children, The
  65. Savior Is Passing, The
  66. Silent Voices Whisper to Me
  67. Sing Out for the Joy
  68. Sowing Seeds of Kindness
  69. Sweet Message from Jesus, A
  70. Tell Me Brother, Faint and Weary
  71. There Is a Beautiful Home
  72. There Is a Friend, a Friend You Need
  73. There Is Joy, Sweet Joy
  74. There Lies in a Quiet and Lonely Churchyard
  75. There Was Never a Time
  76. There’ll Come a Time
  77. There’s a Friend I Love
  78. There’s a Royal Way
  79. They Tell Me the Story
  80. Time Will Come Some Happy Day, The
  81. ’Tis Easy to Go
  82. ’Tis the Savior Calling
  83. Toiling On, Toiling On
  84. Trusting in the Promises of Christ
  85. Voice Comes Ringing Out, A
  86. Voice That Is Calling Thee, Sinner, The
  87. Was There Ever a Friend
  88. Water of Life Is Flowing, The
  89. We Come to Thee, O Gracious Lord
  90. We Know Not What Awaits
  91. Weary and Heavy, The
  92. When the Cares of Life
  93. Why Not Come to Jesus
  94. Will You Be Ready When
  95. Would You Know the Love of Jesus
  96. You Have Heard the Gospel