May 4, 1943, Powers Lake, North Dakota.


Grindal attended Augsburg College (BA 1965), the University of Arkansas (MFA 1969), and Luther Seminary (MA 1983). She was a member of the English Department at Luther College, Decorah, Iowa (1968–84). She joined the Luther Seminary faculty as associate professor of pastoral theology and ministry, communications, in 1984, and was named a professor in 1992. Her works include:

  1. Alleluia! Jesus Saves Us
  2. And as They Ate
  3. And Jesus Said
  4. And So I Send You Out
  5. And When the Angel Left Her
  6. At Jacob’s Well, Where Jesus Sat
  7. Babe Is Born, A
  8. Behold, a Woman from the City
  9. Father in Heaven
  10. Fling Wide the Door, Unbar the Gate
  11. God, Rich in Mercy
  12. Have Mercy upon Me, O God
  13. I Am the Bread of Life
  14. In Memory of Her
  15. In the Dark of Easter Morning
  16. Into the Temple
  17. It Shall Blossom Abundantly
  18. King Put on a Feast, A
  19. Kingdom of God, The
  20. Light from Heaven Shone Around, A
  21. Lo How a Rose Is Growing
  22. Martha Sent unto the Savior
  23. May the Grace of Our Lord Jesus
  24. O Splendor of the Father’s Face
  25. O Trinity, O Blessed Light
  26. Out of the Deep Depths I Cry to Thee
  27. Tell John His Prophecy Was True
  28. To a Maid Engaged to Joseph
  29. There Was Jesus by the Water
  30. We Light the Advent Candles
  31. We Pray That God Will Dwell in Us
  32. We Sing to You O God
  33. Whatever God Ordains Is Right
  1. Behold the Host Arrayed in White
  2. Fling Wide the Door
  3. Numberless Gifts of God’s Mercies, The
  4. Out of the Depths I Cry to You
  5. This Thirsty Field Drinks in the Rain
  6. Thy Holy Wings, O Savior
  7. What God Ordains Is Always Right
  8. When Earth with All Its Joys Defeats Me